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Hi guys. I am really proud of the web-site developpers at AFB. I think they should talk to other web-site developpers, especially those who are e-mail providers. It's time to abolish the captia that the e-mail providers use because WE CANNOT USE IT WHEN WE SIGN UP FOR E-mail or FaceBook. This isn't the way they should be treating us with crappy audio captia. Who's with me? Joe, maybe you can talk to some of the developpers and see what they can do. Maybe we can start an internet revolution for the blind people of the world.

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Re: Captia

I just registered with this site to comment that doing away with captia codes entirely probably isn't possible, and I'm going to have to disagree that it would be a good idea - most captia codes that consist of two or three words actually have a purpose. When someone fills one in, they're transcribing a small part of a handwritten document onto the web. This way we have online copies of very old books and articles that don't yet exist on the internet.

However, I completely agree that expecting us to either listen to and write down a series of badly garbled phrases or get lost is just ridiculous. The security codes set-up here is amazing, and it's so simple that I can't see why other sites don't provide it as an alternitive to captias.

I've often thought that when signing up to a website, visually impaired users should be able to contact the site owners/admins and request some type of code that can be entered into the captia box to grant them access to it's content whenever they want. Not sure how or if that would work, though.

Re: Captia

It would be awesome is we could abolish captchas.

Re: Captia

All of this support is great. Thank you guys for agreeing to this post.

Re: Captia

Hey Everyone. I think that if we ranked up the replies to a large number of blind and vi teens, then showed it to the people who made Captia possible, they would understand the crap they put us through all of the time. I mean, everywhere we turn (on the internet) Captia rears its ugly preventive head.

Here in Daytona

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Re: Captia

That is the best idea ever, I am always thinking of how nice if all sites with captchas could abolish the captcha and use the methot that Afb uses.

Re: Captia

Captia, I have issues with captia fields as well, even the supposed accessible captia fields are rediculous with so much background noise. It will sometimes take me multple attempts to be successful. I know I have had times when I got locked out because of being so unsuccessful. I know our web consulting team feels the same way, but I will mention it to them today. We have discussed what a pain they are at times. It is hard to get away from them because of bots and spammers. But, I am on the same page with you guys.

I think we overall are making good strides, and legistlation will help us in the future. Most of the passed legistlation hasn't been totally figured out yet, or totally defined with specific standards. Technology changes so quickly, our organization works with some of the big players to make sure they are thinking about our population. The key is to get them thinking about it during development, which is not common. It often takes legal pressures to convince a company to allow us access. Groups like AFB, ACB, and NFB work hard to make sure our views are represented. AFB will continue to work at this, we still have a long way to go. You can help by staying up to date on the issues, you can register for the newsletters, including Direct Connect from our Washington, DC office. We all can make a difference by contacting our representatives when pertinent issues are on the table, but we can build that relationship prior. You can try to schedule time to demonstrate how you access your computer, the internet, and things in general. Most people do not know how we manage day to day.

Great points on the captia topic.

I will pass on your frustration, but know you are not alone.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re: Captia

Oh my goodness, I TOTALLY agree! I get SO frustrated with those things. I can't even begin to decipher the letters and numbers, and then the audio version just sounds like a bunch of mumbling. HELLO!! We are visually impaired, not mind readers. How the heck do you expect us to understand that???

Re: Captia

i ultimately call my mom to do those things because i can't understand the captia sound.

Re: Captia

Awesome idea Tyler! You know I had a person come by to show me some stuff that could help me around the house. Pretty much all of the stuff was very low tech. My question is we have made so many technical advances why can't we make things that could improve the lives of people with visual impairments? I guess it is all about money.

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