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Hims Braille Sense U2?

Heyy... so have any of you used a braille sense U2? I'm debating between that and the braille note for college, and I'm not sure which would be more useful to me. I've heard that the braille sense is more user friendly, but I'm kind of picky about the physical shape of the thing. Is it as thin as the apex? Is it fairly reliable? Does it come with a carrying case? Apparently, unlike the apex, it will open docx files, has the ability to double task, the internet is easier to use, and the media-related features are also improved. Can anyone tell me about their experience with it?

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Re: Hims Braille Sense U2?

Wow, thicker than the empower? It's nice that it supports all that though. It's so frustrating that the humanware apex is so aesthetically pleasing, and so technologically behind the times. it drives me crazy! I mean, how hard is it to make the thing support docx files, allow folders within folders, and play videos? Sadness... :)

Re: Hims Braille Sense U2?

I have used the braille sense before I wish I could've gotten that instead. It's a little thicker than the mPower. It has a full computer keyboard and suppopts both Msn and Twitter.

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