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Apple devices

Hey all hope everyone's well. I'm stuck with a migraine that's been stubborn and its made my last attempt to go back to school with it unsuccessful But I'm working on ditching it. At least all I have are two fun classes that are almost like study hall a English class and a online accounting class. My first substitution for some reason wasn't approved and the substitution they gave me I felt like the class was turning my brain to mush so accounting for two semesters wins at least I have a way to do my work if I go to get a guide dog soon.
Anyways back to the subject. I love apple devices I've been hearing a lot of good news about the features of the new iPhone and iPad, what I understand the accessibility is going to be a lot more improved as will Siri and several of the other features. I've been looking at a lot of the new free apps too one my VI showed me this one app that allows you to type with a sort of in app Perkins keyboard without the space, enter, and backspace keys but it adapts to your fingertips so no guessing on the on screen buttons. Your supposed to be able to type messages to copy and paste elsewhere so far I haven't figured it out though it might come with the full version.
Anyways in the mail I got a newsletter from I think either nls or governor morehead school for the blind anyways in it they had a seminar for kids and parents on Apple devices and apps to incorporate into school. Anyways I know I'd know a lot of the info but I'm thinking about going to it my problem... There's someone heading it that I think was one of the ones trying to screw up my evaluation when they were evaluating me for the VI program at school for services and if it is they are to put it nicely a NUT! and this next part I'm about to mention but i'll say it anyways the woman seemed to have some sort of hex on me, everytime she would visit I would later have some sort of accident, one of them involved me breaking my nose by accident.
Anyways I'm still getting over that entire bad incident. Which brings me to my question should I risk it being that same person and go? What do you all think?


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Re: Apple devices

I think you should go.

Re: Apple devices

I did talk to them they blamed it on the game Halo for why they blocked my NVDA and they are still trying to figure out Jaws. My iPad is the only real gateway to the Internet but can't get Wifi anywhere, I can sometimes get cell service on my iPhone though. Right now I'm 'betting' on if they will fix Jaws before I graduate.

Re: Apple devices

Well that is stinky you shood talk to them and see what those guys will do for ya. What a shame. Are you going to get a apple if this never works? J.C.

Re: Apple devices

That's one of my favorite things about the iPad. VoiceOver in general, they still haven't gotten jaws to work on the Internet yet at school and the rotten techies blocked my backup screenreader so Internet access is all VoiceOver outside of NVDA currently.

Re: Apple devices

Hi there, Whats nice about the iPad is like if your old computer crashes its a lot of money to replace Jaws but with iPad speach over comes all ready on it. Just go from settings to exsesabillity and it shood be there. J.C.

Re: Apple devices

Hi. I wanted to comment. All they did with the 5 is make it thinner and lighter and the screen is taller. As far as accessibility is concerned, it's not what 6hez did to the phone itself, it's IOS 6. They have included VoiceOver and zoom integration. Meaning that you can now use zoom and VoiceOver together without having to choose. This is long overdue. If you have more questions, let me know.

Re: Apple devices


There is a lot of talk about the new Apple iPhone and the coming iPad. The iPhone 5 has some nice improvements, I look forward to getting my own in November. We have one in our office.

I don't know if it is anything revolutionary about the new version compared to the 4s, but they definitely made some nice updates. I think they continue make some nice improvements to make it worth while -- for sure.

School Front
Keep your head up and do what you have to do. Teachers or counselors should not be treating you like that. But, do what you have to do to get through it. Act responsible, and report the issues if this is a serious problem. I remember you talking about this during the past year. I am sorry you have to deal with it. You are strong and will get through it. I know most of us have dealt with tough times and situation where our personalities don't exactly click with certain persons in authority such as a teacher or counselor.

It sounds like you are happy about the classes you are taking. Accounting, I remember taking accounting in high school, I enjoyed it for the most part. It was tough and a lot of work, but you learn a lot of useful strategies that you can use later in life.

All the best, and keep your head up! We are here for you.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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