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I am Creating a new Forum

For my senior project I am creating a website and a forum to help connect teens who are blond or visually impaired. (page removed, we try not to sponsor pages on our TeenConnect message board, hope you understand. Keep working hard and what a great experience for you. From Joe S.)

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Re: I am Creating a new Forum

Mee and Jizard went on a walk today, it was a pretty long one. He likes to work a lot.

Sarah and Wizard

Re: I am Creating a new Forum

I love what you are doing in reference to training sighted or human guides for other possible runners with vision loss. Nice work!

You guys are really making things happen. Thank you for sharing all of this great information.

Re: I am Creating a new Forum

That would be interesting!

Re: I am Creating a new Forum

I figured we all need a safe place to connect. I will allow email adresses to be posted at everyone's own risk however some information like the exactly where you live shouldn't be posted just for safety. Feel free to check it out and post! For me, the site has been down all day. I am hoping it will be back up soon. I am planing on keeping the site running and the forum running even after I have finished my project. I think it would be good for all of us plus more people to have a nice place to chat. I've personally have never met any one blind or VI. I know of one younger girl and I couple who just married that are VI that I am going to contact soon.

Re: I am Creating a new Forum

That is so cool and interesting!

Re: I am Creating a new Forum

Cool. I'm doing a unofficial senior project in my English class. Supposedly they did away with it but we still have it. Which it beats a EOC by far. Which mines kind of weird i have to 1 do volunteer work which i've technically already done. Then i've got a speech. That is actually based around the volunteer work. Then a paper, that's based on something about England which i'm doing that part on Jack the Ripper.
For the main part of my senior project though i'm doing it on the need for blind sports. My teacher allowed me to do it on cross country since i'm sort of doing my volunteer work in three parts. 1 raising disability awareness, and it's been interesting. When i went to run in Raleigh for a weekend invitational, my guide and i got stopped at the starting line for two seconds because i guess the guy didn't know i was blind *shrugs* Anyways there i got approached by people from different teams and sections of the state and was asked questions and whatever.
2 I'm helping the county get together a team of runners to be sighted guides, since i'm the first blind runner in the county. it would help that they know what to do if any other blind kids want to get involved.
and 3 I'm helping my guides get in physical shape that they wouldn't of gotten if i hadn't of wanted to be a runner.

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