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looking for help

hi my name is Juan, I am blind, I don't have working experieence, I like to work with my hands, I am looking for a job, can anybody give me some ideas? write to my email: thanks

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Re: looking for help

Hi Juan,

Do you haev experience with screen readers? I'm not sure where you reside but I am looking to fill a few positions in Las Colinas, TX that are related to software accessibility features targeted at customers who are visually impaired. Feel free to email me for more information:

Re:looking for help


Have you checked out AFB CareerConnect, explored careers and such? Have you looked at NIB CareerNet on AFB CareerConnect? Have you explored NIB (, National Industries for the Blind, offers different types of job training and job opportunities.

I am not sure what type of work with your hands that you have done or are skilled in. I know you said that you have little experience, but what are your skills?

Hope this gets you thinking and exploring!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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