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Are You Conducting Teleservice Work? - Interested In Hearing From You

Hello. My name is John Lewis, I’ve lost about 95% of my vision from retinitis pigmentosa and I have 13 years of “in person customer service” and roughly 3 years of teleservice experience. I am in the market for an on site, or home based teleservices position. A few of my preferred areas of interest may include, Customer support, customer satisfaction follow up/survey, appointment scheduling/reminders, voice messaging and writing/data entry.

Is there anyone out there conducting administrative duties, or any type of teleservice work, either as an on site employee, or as a 1099 independent contractor, working from a home office?

I’d be very interested in learning about your work experiences, such as, brief description of duties performed, software incompatibility issues, how you found your current job and any other positives, or challenges you’d like to discuss.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who may want to share. We can correspond off list, if you are more comfortable doing so. Thank you! -- John

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