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Got great news!

Hi all, I hope everyone is doing great and that your all having a good weekend.

I just wanted to tell you all the great news I'm going to dpi, on Febuary 27th and I"m so excited!!

I might go on the 26th to get everything moved in, I cant wait, and my mom is sad to see me go but I know she's happy for me.

So what's up with everyone, hows everyone doing?

Have an awesome week!


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Re: Got great news!

I was there. I'll be back next moqh with Wizard.

hey its Rey

hey I have been at the JBA and on the 9th I'm going to the step workshop yeah you will like JBA it was awsome when I was ther but let me know how things work out for you (email address removed, we encourage persons not to post their email address, phone number, or full name -- because this is a message board aimed at teens. Thank you for understanding!)

Re:Got great news!

I am just lazing around for a bit. it's my day off, and I am just relaxing, nice lazy day nothing bad happened, yet, so my mood is still very good! probably I am going to do some english work later, and definitely my music homework! trying to decide, if I want to make myself lunch here or go down to the cafeteria. maybe, I go bug my indo friend too!

Re:Got great news!

Hi all, thanks for responding and I'm glad your all doing well.
Joe, my Mom is doing fine now, she is adjusting to it slowly.
Linzy, I wish you luck with your Guide Dog application, and Sarah don't worry you will be fine.

Have a great rest of the week.

Re:Got great news!

I'm sorry about your guide dog application. If you got a seizure dog, (depencing on how often you have them) then after you had a seizure dog thdn you could qualify for a guide dog. My guide dog afplicati9n is still at square one and I have gotten nowhere.

Re:Got great news!

What's up teenconnecters. Hahaha. I am in a good mood today because I went to se a Christian group at my County fair last night called the SideWalk Proffits. They were awesome and opened the eyes of my heart.

Re:Got great news!

Wow, sounds you both have had a good and productive weekend with some good news. Congratulations on heading off to start on February 26 or 27. Great stuff. Sorry about you mother, hope she feels better.

Lindsay, sounds like you are keeping a good attitude -- I think you have a good plan. You will show that you are motivated and on top of things, as well. Making it that far in the process is pretty awesome -- you are almost there.

The YMCA sounds like a good plan, I will be hitting my local Y this week too.

Hope you both are enjoying your long weekend. Take some time to remember what Martin Luther King, Jr. did and stood for -- he made a difference for us as persons with visual impairments and so many people (probably more people than realize).

Have a great day and start to the week!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Got great news!

That's great I hope you have fun
My weekend has been great i only had one final so I got a long weekend I hope to go to the y tomorrow yesterday I went to beauty and the beast and on Thursday my mom got rear ended so she's quite sore luckily only bruises and sore muscles.

I've got some news on my guide dog application it made it all the way to the board, but because of a seizure I had in September it was withdrawn. What I understand I made it further than most in the process so I feel good knowing that. I get to reapply exactly 33 days and I'm sure I'll get accepted. I wonder if I'll have to do the phone consultation and send in the forms again since ir is such a short time away and nothing has really changed

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