Audio description gives blind and low vision people access to the visuals of tv shows and movies.

Last month alone, 3994 series and movies included audio description!

Many people, including sighted people, and some of our nearly 30 million blind and low vision audiences, aren’t aware of this track. Let’s build awareness on Audio Description Awareness Day!

To help launch Audio Description Awareness Day 2020, Captivating Magazine is launching the Audio Description Day Challenge.

Social distancing isn’t social isolation! Now, more than ever, we need to connect with others. One way we can connect is by watching shows together virtually.

Our challenge to you is to invite a friend or family member who isn’t aware of audio description, challenge them to virtually watch it with you, and then share your experience on social media using #ADADChallenge

Call To Action:

Know someone who’s never watched a movie or show with Audio Description? Starting on April 16th, Audio Description Awareness Day, ask them to watch a show with audio description along with you virtually, and then share your experience using #ADADChallenge

Use the hashtag to talk about your experience. What was it like? Did you get used to it? Were you able to access it easily?

Suggested Posts/Tweets:

Right now:

Audio Description Awareness Day is coming soon! Stay tuned #ADADChallenge #AudioDescription #Blind #LowVision @WeRCaptivating

Friday April 10th:

Next week! Audio Description Awareness Day! Follow the hashtag… #ADADChallenge #AudioDescription #Blind #LowVision @WeRCaptivating

Monday April 13th:

This Thursday! Audio Description Awareness Day! What could it be about? #ADADChallenge #AudioDescription #Blind #LowVision @WeRCaptivating

Wednesday April 15th

Tomorrow is Audio Description Awareness Day! And we have a challenge for you! #ADADChallenge #Audio Description #Blind #LowVision @WeRCaptivating

Thursday April 16th:

Today is Audio Description Awareness Day! Celebrate by watching a tv show or movie with #AudioDescription @WeRCaptivating

If you are sighted and tired of staring at Zoom calls and screens all day, give your eyes a break! Try #AudioDescription! #ADADChallenge @WeRCaptivating

#Blind and #LowVision audiences watch tv shows and movies. #AudioDescription gives them access to the visuals #ADADChallenge #Blind #LowVision @WeRCaptivating

The twitter handles are @WeRCaptivating along with @BoldBlindBeauty @JC12209 @RoySamuelson with hashtags #ADADChallenge #Blind #LowVision

“Inclusion Is Limitless”

PS Now more than ever, our blind and low vision friends and family need connection. Please share this message to those you can!