People with disabilities are one fifth of the population. Many of us are great leaders in our communities and our professions due to skills that we’ve developed advocating for ourselves and others: we’re adaptable, resilient, creative, and great at problem solving.

Perhaps you have been thinking about how to take your leadership to a new level. You’ve considered running for local school board, city council, or another local leadership position but you don’t know where to start, and the idea of running a political campaign is intimidating. If you’re ready to elevate your leadership to elected office, this training series is for you!

Join the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL) during a five-week campaign training series where expert political consultants will teach you the skills you need to take your leadership to elected office. This series will explore a variety of core campaign skills from a cross-disability perspective, including operations, communications, fundraising, and voter outreach. This course is open to everyone, and we particularly encourage multi-marginalized people with disabilities to join us as we learn from five experienced political consultants of color about how to run for office.

To learn more and register for the Elevate: Campaign Training for People with Disabilities course, go to the NCIL website