Last week, Envision and AFB announced a collaboration to establish Envision Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind as the new home of the American Foundation for the Blind Center on Vision Loss (CVL) and Esther’s Place (Read Envision press release). A grand opening is expected in spring 2020. Envision Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is located at 4306 Capitol Avenue in Dallas, Texas.

Below is AFB's President and CEO Kirk Adams providing a bit of background and explanation on this transition.


Kirk Adams: Wonderful that you've all gathered here today to pass the baton to Envision for the future growth and increased impact of the Center on Vision Loss and Esther's Place. I, actually, attended the grand opening of the CVL. I was not yet on the AFB Board, I was attending the Leadership Conference, the AFB Leadership Conference in Dallas, and part of that wonderful conference was the grand opening of the CVL.

So, I remember being with my wife in Esther's Place and exploring all the kitchen appliances and wanting to own many of them—which I now do. It's been a long journey from the time I first walked in the door, there, and met Larry and Susy Kimbler and others of you. And, here we are today. Taking a great step forward. And, lots of individuals played a part in this.

The main point here is that we have found a partner in Envision that will make the Center on Vision Loss stronger, and enable the CVL to serve more people.

It'll be a brand new shining home for Esther's Place, and we couldn't have drawn up a better partner. So, when we decided that we really needed to find a new home for the Center on Vision Loss and Esther's Place, I called Michael Monteferrante at Envision, based in Wichita. They had recently assumed management of The Dallas Lighthouse.

I had worked with Envision in the past on several projects that were very high-impact and very innovative, and Michael saw the opportunity right away and he told me that they intended to build low vision services in Dallas that were the same excellent level of service as they were providing in Wichita.

And as a result of this transition, we will see better services for blind people in the north Texas community, and that's what we all want.

So, I appreciate y'all being here today. Enjoy the rest of your day!