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Chris Rice, Managing Director, Global Talent Development, LHH
Grant Doster, Senior Vice President, Global Practice Lead – Inclusive Solutions, LHH
Russell Shaffer, Director – Global Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, Walmart Inc

Diverse groups that practice inclusion, where team members feel a sense of belonging, make better decisions and those better decisions lead to better business results. In today’s global market, having a diverse workforce is fundamental to success. However, without inclusion and belonging, diversity could drive polarization. By focusing on belonging, organizations can gain access to a wider repertoire of ideas and accelerate the development of solutions adapted to our clients’ needs. Simply put, an inclusive environment breeds innovation, strengthens recruitment efforts, and provides a competitive advantage that can increase profits.

One of the obstacles to inclusion and belonging is unconscious bias. Everyone has suffered from, and perpetrated, some form of unconscious bias. This session will provoke thought around this barrier to inclusion and help to mitigate unconscious bias.

During this session, attendees will:

  • Review unconscious bias definition, understand how it works, and start creating an action plan.
  • Learn why inclusion matters to individuals, teams, and to the overall success and bottom line of the business
  • Explore the most common unconscious biases and effects, and how they impact decision-making
  • Review the key mitigation strategies and how can you apply them in your teams and organization