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Through research, education, and advocacy, we're changing the way employers see job seekers and employees who are blind or low vision.

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What Does No Limits Employment Look Like?

AFB Employment Initiatives

Workplace Technology Study

What are the technology experiences (training, tools used, required job tasks, barriers, wishes) of American workers who are blind or have low vision?

The Future of Work

Insightful webinar that examines: How we can strengthen workplace inclusion and reduce inequalities of race, disability, and gender; how we ensure that new workplace technologies are accessible; and how we share our understanding of a changing occupational landscape to inform, prepare, and train workers who are blind or have low vision.

Blind Leaders Development Program

Creating widespread change requires an even more significant presence of people with vision loss at the highest levels of leadership.

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Over 20 million Americans experience vision loss. AFB's programs are changing lives. Graphic shows a map of the United States of America filled with people, some of whom are using canes or dog guides, or holding their child's hand.

Key Employment Statistics

User-friendly facts and figures and the latest research pertaining to people with vision loss.

Reviewing Disability Employment Research

As part of AFB’s commitment to changing the way employers see job seekers and employees who are blind or have low vision, AFB's Public Policy and Research Center conducted a literature review on employment and workers with disabilities.

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AccessWorld: Promoting Employment Access

Take a closer look at employment resources for people with vision loss.