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Current Issue: Winter 2024

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What's New

Editor's Page: Celebrating Low Vision Awareness Month

An Introduction to the Nuances of Alternative Text and Audio Description

Aaron Preece: Compared to other types of accessibility, there are many complexities in providing useful alternative text for images and audio description for videos. In this article, I will provide some tips and suggestions for producing solid descriptions, as well as include a number of helpful resources.

Enhancing Digital Accessibility for Users with Low Vision

Breean Cox: When designing digital products for accessibility, the details that should be considered for people with low vision will differ significantly from those required for people who are using a screen reader. We detail the various aspects that can be included on sites or within apps to make them more accessible to people with low vision. We also include tools that can assist in confirming low vision accessibility.

Product Reviews

A Tale Of Two Ereaders: The Good News Launched By NLS

Deborah Kendrick: There was a time when blind people were woefully excluded from the joys of reading books, magazines, newspapers, and temporary documents. Now, those who read braille can carry hundreds of publications and other documents with them in a refreshable braille device that is distributed without cost to every eligible blind or print disabled patron. That's a true story of equality rising.

Ooma phone—a mostly accessible and nearly free option for your home landline phone

Bill Holton: With the notable exception of call forwarding, nearly all of the essential telephone features are as easy to use and access with my Ooma phone as they ever were with my old landline. Even considering the hardware limitations I will be keeping my Ooma phone, and the savings will pay for the hardware in a few short months.

Back to the Future with the BlindShell Classic 2

Jamie Pauls: Today, I am entrenched in the Apple ecosystem, and I can’t see myself giving that up for any other phone, but for many who do not wish to use a smartphone with a touch screen, the BlindShell Classic 2 is a robust and easy-to-use solution. The phone and all of its related apps are updated frequently, and the app catalog continues to expand.

Consumer Favorites

February 2017: MyReader and MyEye from OrCam: Text and Item Recognition at the Touch of a Finger

Bill Holton: Check out this review of the OrCam from the February 2017 issue.

August 2021: A Guide to Using Mobile Check Deposit and Some Helpful Accessories

Judy Dixon: From the August 2021 issue, Cut down on your trips to the bank by using mobile check deposit, a feature offered by most banking apps.

January 2014: Three New Techniques for Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Bill Holton: Check out this historical article regarding treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Remember, this article is from 7 years ago and the technology may have changed in that time. Check with the companies or organizations mentioned in the article for updates.

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