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Editor's Page: AccessWorld Celebrates the Birthday of Louis Braille

Braille in the 21st Century: How Far Have We Come?

Jamie Pauls: I believe the future is bright for braille. I just hope that more blind people will either discover braille for the first time, or rekindle the love they once had for that amazing system of raised dots developed so many years ago that continues to evolve today.

The 40-Cell Question: A Comparison of 40-Cell Braille Displays

Scott Davert: There are several 40-cell braille devices on the market that provide different feature sets at varying price points. We recognize the importance of finding the ideal device to fit a person’s specific circumstances, especially for a purchase that is seldom trivial.

Reviews and More

Braille by Sight: A Guide to Online Braille Workshops from Hadley

Steven Kelley: Hadley introduced several series of interactive training workshops that can be taken right from the website to learn the fundamentals of braille. These workshops are available to anyone, at no cost, after completing a simple registration on the website.

Chromecast with Google TV: An Accessibility Review

J.J. Meddaugh: If you enjoy collecting streaming devices and want to follow the updates for the Chromecast as they are released, then it may be worth buying one. But I can't recommend a Chromecast as your primary streaming device in most situations, when both Amazon and Apple offer more consistent and refined accessibility support in their products.

What’s New in MacOS Big Sur

Janet Ingber: Apple released MacOS Big Sur in November 2020. This update to the operating system is a stable release. It has useful new features and VoiceOver improvements. If you have missed the startup chime from earlier versions, it is finally back.

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