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In November 2023, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Board of Trustees adopted the following strategic plan. This bold roadmap was developed through the collective effort and wisdom of the AFB leadership team, our dedicated staff and Board of Trustees, and our organizational partners who provided valuable perspectives and input. As always, AFB’s success will depend on the relentless drive of our talented staff and our commitment to strategic partnerships.

Throughout this plan, you will notice that we use the term “blind” to cover the full spectrum of blindness, including visual impairment, low vision, and total blindness.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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AFB creates equal opportunities and expands possibilities through advocacy, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships.


AFB is dedicated to changing how the world views blindness. We have a clear and comprehensive vision for how AFB and its strategic partners will help shape the future.

  1. Coalitions of leaders and organizations will be unified to eliminate discriminatory barriers and institute policies, practices, and perceptions that result in equal access to opportunities.

  2. The digital world will be welcoming to the blind community, with information and media accessible through a range of devices and software that enable a fully inclusive experience.

  3. Employers will understand and value the capabilities and unique contributions of blind people, expanding access to rewarding careers and advancement opportunities.

  4. Organizations across sectors (e.g., corporate, government, academic) will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to enable disability inclusion and accessibility.

  5. Blind individuals will be able to move freely through the world, and innovations in transportation will be designed around accessibility.

  6. AFB will continue to grow as a collaborative team of passionate and skilled professionals and trustees, committed to our mission and guided by our core values, as we create a world of equal opportunities.

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Core Values

AFB’s core values were established by our staff to guide our professional behavior and provide the foundation for AFB’s culture. We aspire to live these values every day, in our interactions with one another, our strategic partners, and the communities that we represent and serve.

Value 1: Learning

We expand our expertise and commit to continuous improvement and innovation to create a future of expanded possibilities for blind individuals.

Value 2: Collaboration

We empower others, combine skills, and champion inclusion to maximize our collective impact.

Value 3: Impact

We change lives by being bold, delivering results, and measuring our effectiveness.

Value 4: Excellence

Our success depends upon our investment in our people and their tools, our commitment to act with integrity, and our determination to create value for our constituents, partners, and customers.

Strategic Goals

The following five strategic goals are interdependent and equally important in establishing our focus and priorities. They will guide our strategies and programs, which will result in inclusion, opportunity, independence, and dignity across all stages of life.

GOAL 1: Generate Knowledge that Drives Change

AFB is committed to delivering consumable research findings and resources to the public, practitioners, and other stakeholders to improve the lives of blind individuals. AFB conducts research that drives systemic change by influencing policy, practice, and perception and supports the shared objectives of our strategic partners, paving the way toward AFB’s vision for the future. We will strategically communicate our research plan and results to grow awareness and equip our partners and stakeholders with data and action plans to drive real change. At the onset of this strategic plan, our research focus areas are technology and transportation across all phases and aspects of life.

GOAL 2: Expand Possibilities through Workforce Programs & Community Engagement

AFB will serve as a trusted convener of coalitions, equipping organizations across sectors with the necessary knowledge, tools, and strategies to achieve disability inclusion and accessibility. AFB will continue to prepare members of the blindness community for rewarding careers and train technology professionals to fill the accessibility skills gap and serve as catalysts for change across industries. As an advisor to organizations, AFB will advocate for the needs of blind people, ensuring that products, services, and experiences are accessible and representative of the community.

GOAL 3: Build a National Narrative on Blindness

AFB is committed to lead societal advancements that will provide blind individuals with equal opportunity to pursue the American Dream. Advancements in this area will rely heavily on perceptions of the needs and capabilities of blind individuals. We must evolve the way that our society views blindness in order for the necessary accommodations and accessibility to become an expected part of doing business across all sectors and industries.

GOAL 4: Foster a High-Performance Workplace

AFB is committed to building a skilled and engaged AFB workforce and Board of Trustees that embody our Core Values of learning, collaboration, impact, and excellence. We will continuously evaluate and adjust our processes, tools, systems, and project teams to enable us to efficiently and effectively collaborate, share knowledge, and reach our full potential to further AFB’s mission.

GOAL 5: Achieve Financial Stability

AFB will establish and implement a business model and resource development plan that supports the mission and vision of the American Foundation for the Blind.

More Information

You can access an overview of the strategic plan here, or a detailed breakdown of the strategic plan here.

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“Tomorrow! What possibilities there are in that word.” – Helen Keller