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Welcome to AFB's Media Room. Here, you can catch up on all of our latest media releases, including the AFB produced documentary, Possibilities, the most recent AccessWorld and Inform & Connect podcast episodes, and our newest YouTube videos. Please check back often for new content and reach out to AFB's Communications team at communications@afb.org with any comments or questions.

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Possibilities Documentary

Possibilities is a compelling documentary co-produced by AFB and Beachglass Films and directed by Bill Sarine. This production engaged a collaborative team comprised of both blind and sighted individuals. Notably, Possibilities proudly stands as the first widely released film to offer open audio descriptions, ensuring accessibility for all audiences.

View the trailer and checkout more on Possibilities here!

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AFB's Podcasts

AFB is constantly in the works on bringing you podcasts where we delve into diverse topics on blindness and low vision and feature special guests who share their lived experiences. To learn more about both of our podcasts, the AccessWorld podcast and Inform & Connect podcast, see the below link.

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AFB's YouTube Channel

AFB's YouTube channel is your go-to destination for accessing our latest content, including our most recent videos on AFB's Vision and our Steps for Success series, created by AFB's Public Policy and Research Institute.

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