Thursday, April 5, 2017

10:00 AM–4:45 PM

Room: OCC 208

10:00 AM–10:05 AM

Welcome Remarks
Lee Huffman, AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief

10:05 AM–11:30 AM

New Accessibility Products and Features from Google
Speakers: Kyndra LoCoco, Accessibility Community Manager, Google; Laura Palmaro, Program Manager for Chrome, Google; Victor Tsaran, Technical Program Manager for Android, Google; and Roger Benz, Program Manager for G Suite, Google
Description: Join members of the Google Accessibility team to hear announcements and learn about accessibility features and functionalities in Chrome and Chrome OS, Android, G Suite products, and more.

11:30 AM–11:40 AM Break

11:40 AM–12:00 PM

Oath Accessibility: An Overview
Speaker: Darren Burton, Oath Accessibility Specialist
Description: This presentation will provide an overview of the new Oath, a Verizon company that merges the products of AOL, Huff Post, and Yahoo. New and exciting mobile apps from Oath will also be demonstrated.

12:00 PM–1:30 PM Lunch Break

1:30 PM–2:00 PM

The Story of Samsung Home Appliance UX for Accessibility
Speaker: Youngsun Shin, Principal Designer, UX Innovation, Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics
Description: The ability to independently operate one’s home appliances is extremely important for all consumers. Samsung understands this and is working to incorporate accessibility features into its lines of home appliances. This presentation will discuss accessibility initiatives at Samsung to increase the usability of its home appliances for people who are blind or visually impaired.

2:00 PM–2:30 PM

Audio Description, Expectations, Quality, and Best Practices
Speaker: David Vialard
Description: Accessibility and accessibility technology have been a focus of entertainment and education as evidenced by technologies engaged in providing audiodescribed content to users with vision loss. Media accessibility efforts and policy have largely focused on quantity and means of accessing content. While further increases are needed, quantity has begun to be addressed. As issues of quantity subside, more focus is needed on definitions, expectations, and measures of quality. This presentation will discuss best practices and the need for increased quality as it relates to audio description.

2:30 PM–3:00 PM

Combining Indoor Navigation Efforts for Increased Accessibility
Speaker: Mike May, Executive Director, BVI Workforce Innovation Center, Envision, Inc.
Description: There are many accessible GPS options to get one to a building, but what happens once we go indoors? Airports, malls, and government centers have been challenging to navigate independently. Many technologies have been tried and were not practical as an indoor equivalent of GPS. Bluetooth beacons and related technology now appear to be commercially viable. This presentation describes the status of the half dozen or so accessible indoor apps and the importance of these companies and their indoor beacon databases working together to provide real solutions.

3:00 PM–3:10 PM Break

3:10 PM–3:40 PM

Challenges, Opportunities, and Efforts in Deploying 5G
Speaker: Zachary Bastian, Verizon, Manager, Public Policy & Strategic Alliances
Description: Last year, Verizon presented an overview of 5G, the ultra-fast, rapid response wireless standard of the future. This presentation will continue that thread and provide an update on what’s to come in 2018. The ongoing challenges and opportunities in efforts to deploy 5G, and the innovative applications serving the visually impaired ready to expand and improve with this enhanced capacity will be discussed.

3:40 PM–4:10 PM

HumanWare: Our Portfolio of New Braille Products
Speaker: Peter Tucic, HumanWare, Brand Ambassador-Blindness Products
Description: Today, mainstream and assistive technology advance at a rapid pace. In keeping with that pace, this presentation will focus on HumanWare’s portfolio of new braille products. First, a look at the newly shipping HumanWare Brailliant 14. This device allows for the simultaneous connection to multiple Bluetooth devices, as well as the ability to synchronize notes utilizing a first of its kind iPhone application. Second, a look at what is new in version 5 of the KeySoft operating system of the BrailleNote Touch, which is designed to promote a more inclusive user base with full QWERTY keyboard support, as well as the implementation of one-handed operation.

4:10 PM–4:40 PM

AIRA: Product Demonstration and Future Plans
Speaker: Paul Schroeder, AIRA, Director, Public Policy and Strategic Alliances
Description: This presentation will describe how AIRA makes visual information accessible at the push of a button, using state-of-the-art smart glasses and network connectivity with professional agents. The presentation will showcase the latest developments including AIRA’s new Horizon glasses, support for individuals seeking employment, and the emerging network of facilities providing accessibility with AIRA.

4:40 PM–4:45 PM

Closing Remarks
Lee Huffman, AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief