The Migel Medal was established in 1937 by M.C. Migel, the first chairperson of AFB, to honor those whose dedication and achievements have significantly improved the lives of people with vision loss. Past honorees include legendary disability-rights advocate, Helen Keller, Senator Tom Harkin, social entrepreneur and engineer, Jim Fruchterman, and renowned educators, Kathleen Mary Huebner, Ph.D., and Philip H. Hatlen, Ed.D.

The Migel Medal Awards Committee selects two honorees each year. Nominees should be those whose life work nationally affects services to people with vision loss. The first Migel Medal is bestowed to a professional in the field of blindness whose contributions have significantly improved the lives of people with vision loss. Prospective candidates include individuals with training and expertise in education, orientation and mobility, vision rehabilitation therapy, technology, personnel preparation, health, administration, or a related field. The second Migel Medal is reserved for an individual who works outside the traditional field of vision loss but whose career accomplishments or innovations significantly improve the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired. Examples include, but are not limited to, software or hardware manufacturers, Congressional leaders, disability rights advocates, and others.

2023 Migel Medal Award Recipients

Scott Labarre
Nancy D. Miller

2022 Migel Medal Award Recipients

Gale Watson
Judith Dixon
Read the 2022 announcement for more information

2020 Migel Medal Award Recipients

Rod Haneline
Dr. Michael Schermer
Read the 2020 announcement for more information.

2019 Migel Medal Award Recipients

Glinda Hill
Dr. Elton Moore
Read the 2019 announcement for more information.

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