Video description (sometimes called "audio description" or simply "description") makes television programs and movies accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Short verbal descriptions of action or key visual scenes in a program, such as the setting, costumes, and facial expressions, are provided to add context. The descriptions are inserted into pauses within a program's dialogue. Video description helps people who are blind or visually impaired to gain more complete access to the content of TV programs and movies and thereby more fully participate in society.

The American Council of the Blind has set up a very informative web page on description at www.acb.org/adp. This page includes information about many aspects of description including television, movies, and other content.

Learn More About Video Description:

Watch this PSA on Video Description Featuring Emmy-Winning TV Host, Jeff Corwin


Jeff Corwin: Hey there. I'm Jeff Corwin. So you can enjoy the full TV experience, many shows now provide video description. Many people who are blind or have difficulty understanding visual cues find video description helpful. Description is available through your TV set-up menu.

Watch this:

Female narrator's voice: Jeff swims among the fish and kelp in deep water. He points out a flower shape.

Jeff: There are its tentacles, and there's its mouth.

Male narrator's voice: For more information, visit afb.org.

This PSA was produced pro bono by Litton Entertainment with support from Bridge Multimedia.