About AFB Consulting

AFB Consulting is a premier resource for accessibility and usability solutions. AFB Consulting can provide accessibility services and expertise to help your organization with its inclusion and design efforts, serving to improve outreach and customer satisfaction, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Our Unique, Agile Model

Our philosophy is to prioritize the usability of our clients’ products to ensure the best possible inclusive experience for the consumer by providing actionable, high-impact solutions to help reduce risk and improve the actual user experience. This feedback is rooted in WCAG conformance, but not driven by it.

To achieve this, we use the following approach:

  • Step 1: Start Small, with manual testing of critical workflows to identify high-impact issues that are actually impacting the user experience.
  • Step 2: Make a Policy, to establish meaningful, achievable goals and timelines.
  • Step 3: Monitor Progress, testing regularly from the user perspective and developing relevant training for developers.
  • Step 4: Improve Practices, optimizing teams to think about accessibility early and often. Our specific service offerings are outlined below.

Usability and Product Testing

AFB Consulting takes a practical and honest approach to provide actionable, high-impact solutions to the critical user workflows of the digital product(s). Delivery also includes a results walkthrough conference hosted by the lead accessibility engineer.

  • Audits of Digital Content—Review of website, apps, Microsoft Office Files, PDFs, etc., for conformance with WCAG 2.0 A, AA, and AAA, WCAG 2.1 A, AA, and AAA, and PDF/UA as appropriate, using a comprehensive methodology that includes manual testing, automated testing, and assistive-technology-based testing.
  • Testing of Mobile Apps and Platforms—Testing for conformance with WCAG 2.0 A and AA and other best-practices that promote accessibility and usability.

Strategic/Programmatic Needs

AFB Consulting takes a comprehensive approach to focus on knowledge transfer and help you move beyond direct "issue identification" and toward supporting a healthy internal design and development process.

  • Training on Digital Accessibility—Includes intro-level through advanced/technical training. Role-based courses are also available. Delivery can be in-person or remote.
  • Developer Support—Includes integration of accessibility experts into sprints to provide just-in-time feedback for issues being worked on and/or recommended changes and best practices for design and development.
  • Drafting/Reviews—Includes SOPs, policy, and governance around accessibility.
  • Roadmap Development—Assists in the planning and execution of a measurable approach to accessibility success.
  • Program Development—Provides overviews to help organizations determine their own accessibility program needs and how to create or enhance a program that can partner successfully with other divisions within the organization to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.