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The Development of Accepted Performance Items to Demonstrate Braille Competence in the Nemeth Code for Mathematics and Science Notation

Derrick Smith and L. Penny Rosenblum

Multiple Disabilities

A Field Study of a Standardized Tangible Symbol System for Learners Who Are Visually Impaired and Have Multiple Disabilities

Ellen Trief, Paul W. Cascella, and Susan M. Bruce

Psychosocial Issues

Comparing Fears in South African Children With and Without Visual Impairments

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Lisa Visagie, Helene Loxton, Thomas H. Ollendick, and Henry Steel


Physical and Psychological Health in Persons with Deafblindness That Is Due to Usher Syndrome Type II

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Moa Wahlqvist, Claes Möller, Kerstin Möller, and Berth Danermark

Research Report

The use of Final-letter Braille Contractions: A Case Study

Emily M. Tallon and Tina S. Herzberg

Practice Reports

Sex Education Instruction for Students Who Are Visually Impaired: Recommendations to Guide Practitioners

Gaylen Kapperman and Stacy M. Kelly

The Use of an iPad2 as a Leisure Activity for a Student with Multiple Disabilities

Dawn H. Helps and Tina S. Herzberg

Practice Perspectives

How Early Intervention Services Became Available in South Florida: A Story for the Silver Screen?

Jane N. Erin

Blind Babies Play Program: A Model for Affordable, Sustainable Early Childhood Literacy Intervention through Play and Socialization

Virginia A. Jacko, Roxann Mayros, Carol Brady-Simmons, Isabel Chica, and J. Elton Moore


Editor's Page


Unified English Braille: The Future of Braille in the United States

Frances Mary D'Andrea

JVIB Peer Reviewers

This Mattered to Me

"Survey of the Use of Assistive Technology by Illinois Students Who Are Visually Impaired," by G. Kapperman, J. Sticken, and T. Heinze

Recommended by Yue-Ting Siu

"The Role of Education and Rehabilitation Specialists in the Comprehensive Low Vision Care Process," by A. H. Lueck

Recommended by Cindy Sakai

News From the Field


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