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Orientation and Mobility

Survey of Dual-Certified Orientation and Mobility Instructors--print edition page(s) 133-139

Nora Griffin-Shirley, Duncan McGregor, and William H. Jacobson

Abstract: Over 250 orientation and mobility (O&M) instructors who are also teachers of children with visual impairments were surveyed to determine their roles and responsibilities, satisfaction with their university training, and current jobs. The majority of the respondents were middle-aged, Caucasian women with master's degrees who were satisfied with their training and jobs. The respondents spent the largest proportion of their workweeks performing the duties of teachers of children with visual impairments and fewer hours teaching O&M techniques in public schools.


Instant Print-Braille Compatibility with COBRA--print edition page(s) 140-152

Ingeborg K. Durre and Imke Durre

Abstract: This article describes an eight-dot computer braille notation, COBRA, with integrated mathematical and scientific notation that achieves immediate print-braille compatibility through one-to-one representation of letters and other characters. Text can be entered and manipulated from the braille or the Qwerty keyboard and can be viewed simultaneously in the same format on the braille display and monitor screen. Thus, translation to and from braille is unnecessary.

Social Integration

Visually Impaired Students' Perceptions of Their Social integration in College--print edition page(s) 153-165

Jan S. Hodges and M. Jean Keller

Abstract: This study identified the perceptions of six college students with visual impairments on what influenced their social activity on campus. It found that the influences were different for these students than for traditional students as identified in the literature. The findings suggest that it is necessary to intervene in the social development of young people with visual impairments before they attend college and to help them overcome such barriers as peers' discomfort with them in social situations and difficulties with transportation.


Changes in Educational Team Membership for Students Who Are Deaf-Blind in General Education Classes--print edition page(s) 166-173

Michael F. Giangreco, Susan W. Edelman, Catherine Nelson, Mary Rose Young, and Richard Kiefer-O'Donnell

Abstract: This study examined the changes in team membership for 18 students with deaf-blindness from 1994-95 to 1997-98. The findings highlight the many people who are involved in each student's education and the high level of turnover among professional staff from year to year. Implications for managing changes in team membership are discussed, and recommendations for future research are offered.


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 131-131

Random Access

A Survey of Windows Screen Reader Users: Recent Improvements in Accessibility--print edition page(s) 174-177

Crista L. Earl and Jay D. Leventhal

Book Review

Working with Visually Impaired Young Students: A Curriculum Guide for 3 to 5 Year Olds--print edition page(s) 177-179

Irene L. Topor

From the Field--print edition page(s) 179-183

News--print edition page(s) 183-184

Calendar--print edition page(s) 184-192

Classified--print edition page(s) 192-192





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