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Early Intervention

Conversational Interactions Between Mothers and Their Infants Who Are Congenitally Blind, Have Low Vision, or Are Sighted--print edition page(s) 691-703

Gina Conti-Ramsden and Miguel PĂ©rez-Pereira

Abstract: This study of the conversational interactions of three mothers and their infants--one who was sighted, one with low vision, and one who was congenitally blind--found similarities between the sighted and low vision dyads. However, the mother of the blind infant talked more and used more directives, and her directives contained more descriptions and were more likely to occur in clusters. The complex nature of directives and their adaptive role with infants who are blind are discussed.


Connections: Facilitating Social Supports for Students with Deaf-Blindness in General Education Classrooms--print edition page(s) 704-715

Lori Goetz and Nora O'Farrell

Abstract: This article describes a three-component package to facilitate social supports for students who were deaf-blind in general education classes and discusses the rationale for and importance of its use. It also presents case examples of the application of social support strategies to four students with deaf-blindness who were served in general education or deaf education classes.


Relationship Between Self-Ratings by Sensory Impaired Students and Teachers' Ratings of Generalizable Skills--print edition page(s) 716-727

Barbara L. Loeding and James P. Greenan

Abstract: This study examined the relationship between students' self-ratings and teachers' ratings of four sets of generalizable skills. The students, who were deaf, hard-of-hearing, or blind or had low vision were enrolled in vocational classes at two residential secondary schools. The findings revealed little agreement between the students and their teachers about the students' levels of skills.

Practice Note

Support Group for Adults with Cortical Visual Impairment: An Innovative Model--print edition page(s) 728-732

Michele S. Jaffe


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 689-689

Product Evaluation

A Review of Vision Technology's Vision Excel Color Video Magnifier with Computer Link--print edition page(s) 733-735

Mark M. Uslan and Gary Chan

From the Field--print edition page(s) 735-737

USABLE Data Report

Estimates of the Number of Visually Impaired Students, Their Teachers, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists: Part 2--print edition page(s) 738-744

Corinne Kirchner and Sara Diament

Calendar--print edition page(s) 744-749

Classified--print edition page(s) 749-750





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