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Personnel Preparation

Personnel Preparation Programs in Visual Impairments: A Status Report--print edition page(s) 755-769

Anne L. Corn and Rosanne K. Silberman

Abstract: This article is the third in a series of studies of personnel preparation programs and their faculties. It reports on issues that were included in the first two studies, such as the availability of programs, type of faculty, and salaries, and also addresses issues that were added to reflect changes in the field of visual impairment, such as program delivery models. Responses from 39 programs in the United States that prepare personnel to work with children and adults with visual impairments showed that a variety of nontraditional models are available for delivering preservice education and that there is a decline in the percentages of tenure-track faculty since the first two studies, which were published in 1989 and 1996.


Providing a Braille Refresher Course for Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments--print edition page(s) 770-777

Carol B. Allman and M. Cay Holbrook

Abstract: This article describes a braille refresher course for teachers that was created in response to concerns about braille literacy that have been reflected in "braille bills" in many states. Analysis of pre- and posttest data showed that the teachers improved their braille skills and reported a high level of confidence in their braille skills as a result of the course.

Cortical Visual Impairment

The Effects of Training on a Young Child with Cortical Visual Impairment: An Exploratory Study--print edition page(s) 778-793

Amanda Hall Lueck, Helen Dornbusch and Jeri Hart

Abstract: This exploratory study investigated the effects of the components of visual environmental management, visual skills training, and visually dependent task training on the performance of visual behaviors of a young child with cortical visual impairment. These components were implemented by the mother during daily routines.

Research Note

Home Literacy Experiences of a Child with a Visual Impairment--print edition page(s) 794-797

Chris Craig


Editor's Page--print edition page(s) 753-753

Employment Update

Using Role Models in Career Exploration for Students with Visual Impairments--print edition page(s) 798-800

Karen Wolffe

From the Field--print edition page(s) 800-803

News--print edition page(s) 803-806

Calendar--print edition page(s) 806-812

Classified--print edition page(s) 812-812

Index--print edition page(s) 815-861





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