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Special Issue on Outcomes




The Missouri School for the Blind: A Model of Quality for School Improvement—Yvonne Simmons Howze, print edition page(s) 261

Council of Schools for the Blind Learning Outcomes Project—Eugene McMahon, print edition page(s) 267


Vocational Outcomes of Sensory Impaired Graduates of an Adult Vocational Training Program—Robert J. Beadles, Jr., Randall S. McDaniel, and Stacy Waters, print edition page(s) 275

Veterans Administration

A National Outcomes Assessment of the Rehabilitation of Adults with Visual Impairments—William R. De l'Aune, Richard L. Welsh, and Michael D. Williams, print edition page(s) 281

Creating Measures of Rehabilitation Outcomes for People Who Are Visually Impaired: The FIMBA Project—Richard G. Long, John E. Crews, and Rickilyn Mancil, print edition page(s) 292

Developing Geriatric Training Outcome Assessments in Vision Rehabilitation—Judith L. Babcock, Gregory L. Goodrich, Daniel N. Head, and James A. Boyless, print edition page(s) 307

International Perspectives

Measuring Rehabilitation Outcomes for Visually Impaired Persons in New Zealand—Steven J. La Grow, print edition page(s) 322


Measuring Psychosocial and Functional Outcomes of a Group Model of Vision Rehabilitation Services for Older Adults—Amy Horowitz, Robin Leonard, and Joann P. Reinhardt, print edition page(s) 328

Research Notes

Using Existing Databases to Evaluate Rehabilitation Outcomes of Older Persons Who Are Visually Impaired—Priscilla Rogers, Bruce Menchetti, and Shu-Chuan Lai, print edition page(s) 338

Daily Use of Computerized Case Sheets—Peter Lebech, print edition page(s) 342


Guest Editorial , print edition page(s) 259

From the Field , print edition page(s) ;346

News , print edition page(s) 348

Calendar , print edition page(s) 348

Classified , print edition page(s) 352


Charles C Thomas

Publisher * LTD.

* denotes new publication

* Chalkley, Thomas-YOUR EYES. (4th Ed.) '00, 140 pp. (7 x 10), 18 il., $24.95 paper.

Johnson, Donald D.-DEAFNESS AND VISION DISORDERS: Anatomy and Physiology, Assessment Procedures, Ocular Anomalies, and Educational Implications. '99, 520 pp. (6 3/4 x 9 3/4), 29 il. (16 in color), 76 tables, $74.95.

Vaughan, C. Edwin-SOCIAL AND CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON BLINDNESS: Barriers to Community Integration. '98, 220 pp. (7 x 10), 6 tables, $44.95, cloth, $29.9S, paper.

Harley, Randall K., Mila B. Truan & LaRhea D. Sanford-COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR VISUALLY IMPAIRED LEARNERS: Braille, Print, and Listening Skills for Students Who Are Visually Impaired. (2nd Ed.) '97, 322 pp. (7 x 10), 39 il., $69.95, cloth, $49.95, paper.

Tuttle, Dean W. & Naomi R. Tuttle-SELFESTEEM AND ADJUSTING WITH BLINDNESS: The Process of Responding to Life's Demands. (2nd Ed.) '96, 308 pp. (7 x 10), 13 il, $61.95, cloth, $41.95, paper.

Bryan, Willie V.-IN SEARCH OF FREEDOM: How Persons With Disabilities Have Been Disenfranchised From the Mainstream of American Society. '96, 214 pp. (7 x 10), 12 tables $50.95, cloth, $31.95, paper.

Trief, Ellen-WORKING WITH VISUALLY IMPAIRED YOUNG STUDENTS: A Curriculum Guide for Birth-3 Year Olds. '92, 230 pp. (7 x 10), 3 il., $46.95, cloth, $31.95, paper.

Mandell, Robert B.-CONTACT LENS PRACTICE. (4th Ed.) '88, 1040 pp. (7 x 10), 813 il. (50 in color), 104 tables, $91.95.

* Harley, Randall K., G. Allen Lawrence, LaRhea Sanford & Rebecca Burnett-VISUAL IMPAIRMENT IN THE SCHOOLS. (3rd Ed.) '00, 262 pp. (7 x 10), 37 il., $47.95, cloth, $34.95, paper.

Gandy, Gerald L., E. Davis Martin, Jr. & Richard E. Hardy-COUNSELING IN THE REHABILITATION PROCESS: Community Services for Mental and Physical Disabilities. (2nd Ed.) '99, 358 pp. (7 x 10), 9 il., $57.95, cloth, $44.95, paper.

Trief, Ellen-WORKING WITH VISUALLY IMPAIRED YOUNG STUDENTS: A Curriculum Guide for 3 to 5 Year Olds. '98, 208 pp. (8 112 x 11), 25 il., $36.95, spiral (paper).

Henderson, George & Willie V. Bryan-PSYCHOSOCIAL ASPECTS OF DISABILITY. (2nd Ed.) '97, 342 pp. (7 x 10), $64.95, cloth, $49.95, paper.

Bishop, Virginia E.-TEACHING VISUALLY IMPAIRED CHILDREN. (2nd Ed.) '96, 274 pp. (7 x 10), 15 il., 6 tables, $51.95, cloth, $35.95, paper.

Grant, W. Morton & Joel S. Schuman-TOXICOLOGY OF THE EYE: Effects on the Eyes and Visual System from Chemicals, Drugs, Metals and Minerals, Plants, Toxins and Venoms; also Systemic Side Effects from Eye Medications. (4th Ed.). '93, 1626 pp. Two Volumes, (7 x 10), $265.95.

Maloff, Chalda & Susan Macduff Wood-BUSINESS AND SOCIAL ETIQUETTE WITH DISABLED PEOPLE: A Guide to Getting Along With Persons Who Have Impairments of Mobility, Vision, Hearing, or Speech. '88, 162 pp (7 x 10), $41.95, cloth, $28.95, paper.

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