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Development of Vision Rehabilitation Services for Older People Who Are Visually Impaired: A Historical Perspective—Alberta L. Orr and Priscilla Rogers, print edition page(s) 669


Australian Perspectives of the Use of the Internet by People Who Are Visually Impaired and Professionals Who Work with Them—Kirsty Williamson, Ann Albrecht, Don Schauder, and Amanda Bow, print edition page(s) 690

An Evaluation of the Functionality and Acceptability of the Voice Prescription Label—Joseph B. Englehardt, Randy Allnatt, Anthony Mariano, and Jian Gao, print edition page(s) 702


Editor's Page , print edition page(s) 659

Letters , print edition page(s) 661


Pedestrian Clearance Intervals at Modern Intersections:Implications for the Safety of Pedestrians Who Are Visually Impaired—Janet M. Barlow, Lukas Franck, Billie Louise Bentzen, and Dona Sauerburger, print edition page(s) 663

Book Review

On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors: Research and Practice Concepts—Reviewed by Judith L. Babcock, print edition page(s) 707

From the Field , print edition page(s) 708

News , print edition page(s) 712

Calendar , print edition page(s) 714

Classified , print edition page(s) 718


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Evaluation and Educational Programming of Students With Deafblindness and Severe Disabilities Sensorimotor State (2nd Ed.)

To be published 200l, 294 pages

Caroll J. Jones

paper ISBN 0-398-07216-7

Visual Impairment in the Schools (3rd Ed.)

Published 2000, 262 pages

Randall K Harley, C. Allen Lawrence, LaRhea Sanford & Rebecca Burnett $47.95, cloth ISBN 0-398-07014-8 $34.95, paper ISBN 0-398 070l5-6 (displayed)

Your Eyes (4th Ed.)

Published 2000, 140 pages

Thomas Chalkley

$24.95, paper ISBN 0-398-07048-2

Deafness and Vision Disorders

Anatomy and Physiology Assessment Procedures, Ocular Anomalies, and Educational Implications

Published 1999, 520 pages

Donald D. Johnson

$77.95, cloth ISBN 0-398-06945-X

Social And Cultural Perspectives On Blindness Barriers to Community Integration

Published 1998, 220 pages

C. Edwin Vaughan

$46.95, hard ISBN 0-398-06854-2

$31.95, paper ISBN 0-398-06855-0

Working With Visually Impaired Young Students A Curricullum Guide for 3 to 5 Year Old

Published 1998 208 pages

Ellen Trief

$38.95 spiral {paper) ISBN 0-398-06875-5

Communication Skills For Visually Impaired Learners Braille, Print, and Listening Skills for Students Who Are Visually Impaired (2nd Ed.)

Published 1997, 322 pages

Randall K. Harley, Mila B. Truan & LaRhea D. Sanford

$72.95, hard ISBN 0-398-06692-2

$51.95, paper ISBN 0-398 06693-0

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