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Sexual Abuse

Experiences of Childhood Sexual Abuse among Visually Impaired Adults in Norway: Prevalence and Characteristics—Marit Hoem Kvam, print edition page(s) 5

Abstract: This study compared the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse among visually impaired children and sighted children in Norway. Visually impaired women and men aged 18-65 who lost their sight before age 18 reported sexual abuse with contact before age 18 more often than did the sighted group, and the abuse of the visually impaired children was more severe. Implications for parents and teachers are presented, and the need for adapted sexual education is stressed.


Perceived Competence of Children with Visual Impairments—Deborah R. Shapiro, Aaron Moffett, Lauren Lieberman, and Gail M. Dummer, print edition page(s) 15

Abstract: This study examined the perceptions of competence of 43 children with visual impairments who were attending a summer sports camp. It found there were meaningful differences in the perceived competence of the girls, but not the boys, after they attended the camp, and no differences in the perceptions of competence with age.

Independent Living

Teaching Oral Hygiene Skills to Elementary Students with Visual Impairments—Yeng-Hung Shih and Chien-Huey Sophie Chang, print edition page(s) 26

Abstract: This study investigated the effects of a program that taught oral hygiene skills to students with visual impairments using group instruction and individual coaching. The results showed that the program enhanced the oral hygiene skills of the three participants significantly, and its effectiveness lasted for at least two months after the instruction ended.


A Report on a Novice User's Interaction with the Internet through a Self-Voicing Application—Keith S. Jones, J. Shawn Farris, Peter D. Elgin, Brent A. Anders, and Brian R. Johnson, print edition page(s) 40

Abstract: This study used verbal protocol analysis to examine the behavior of an individual with visual impairment using a self-voicing application to find information on the World Wide Web. The results indicated that executing actions (such as typing or pressing keys) and interpreting the computer system's state (data gathering) were the most frequent and time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, the individual had difficulty determining the effects of her actions on the system and whether relevant information was present on a page. These results suggest that there may be problems in interfacing the user with the software and the way textual information is aurally displayed to the user.


Editor's Page, print edition page(s) 3

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JVIB Peer Reviewers, print edition page(s) 56

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