AFB Now Accepting Applicants to the Blind Leaders Development Program!

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level? Celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month by making an investment of your time and expertise to help shape the next generation of blind leaders--apply to be a mentor in the inaugural AFB Blind Leaders Development Program. AFB’s hope is to select a diverse and driven group of emerging leaders with vision loss to participate in this program.

Mentors will have a unique opportunity to invest in an emerging blind leader by volunteering their time and sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, while also developing crucial management skills, expanding their networks, and engaging in AFB’s systems change initiatives.

What’s Involved:

  • Access to the one-day AFB Blind Leaders Development Program mentor training event in Arlington, VA
  • Round-trip travel, hotel, and meals during the mentor training event
  • Program kick-off dinner event with AFB senior leadership, board members, program participants, and other influencers in the blindness field
  • Six one-hour meetings with their assigned participant
  • Access to an exclusive LinkedIn group for program alumni and mentors

Participant Application Form Mentor Application Form

National Braille Press’s Touch of Genius Prize for Innovation Open for Applications

The Touch of Genius Prize was developed to inspire entrepreneurs, educators, and inventors to continue the promotion of braille and tactile literacy for blind and deafblind people worldwide. This prize can be granted for innovative and accessible computer software applications, tactile hardware, or curriculum that promotes braille or tactile literacy.

The deadline for application is January 10. The National Braille Press encourages all applicants to think outside the box as to what can be used to help improve the lives of blind people.

The winner of this prize will receive up to $10,000, to support their continued innovation in the fields of technology and education for blind people. Frank Gibney and the Gibney Family Foundation helped fund and establish this award in 2007 to inspire people to go beyond what was thought possible.

Full application details and more information can be found on the Touch of Genius Prize website.

New ”Show and Tell” feature on Amazon Echo Show Provides Object Identification for People with Vision Loss

Amazon recently released a feature called Show and Tell for the Amazon Echo Show. Using the Show’s camera, you can ask: “Alexa, what am I holding?” and the device will attempt to recognize the item. Much like other Echo features like the timer and alarms, Show and Tell provides instant access to a feature, in this case object identification, with a simple voice command.

Aira Now Offering Free 5-Minute Calls

Aira has announced that calls of 5 minutes or less will now be free for anyone with an Aira account, wherever Aira provides full service. You must have the Aira app and an Aira account to take advantage of this offer, but a paid plan is not required. If you do have a paid Aira plan, the first 5 minutes of your calls will be free and any calls shorter than 5 minutes will be free as well.

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