Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Bill Holton's June 2017 article, Accessible Investing with the Robinhood App from Robinhood Markets.

Truly enjoyed this June 2017 article about the Robin Hood app. I am a visually impaired trader and investor looking for screen-reader friendly tools that help me track moving averages and RSI. Will definitely try the XLQ plug in. If new tools worth using for the mentioned purposes have come out since the time of this article's publication, I’d love to know.

As you likely know, Schwab and later other large brokerages instituted commission-free trading as of October 7th of this year. They still charge .65 per contract for options, but overall a big savings. With them, of course, you can manage tax deferred retirement accounts. I have been using the Schwab and Fidelity apps for some time. Of the two, Schwab by far has the most accessible and workable options tables. The only remaining drawback with Schwab’s tables is that you have to temporarily turn off the screen reader, in my case VoiceOver, to tap a strike price to open a screen to look up the Greeks for the particular option. At that point, I restart VoiceOver to hear the information. But in all other aspects of setting up trade orders, both apps work very well. One feature I like about Schwab’s app is how easy it is to choose an options strategy after you’ve selected your underlying stock for the trade. It’s nice to have all legs set up for a trade and you only have to adjust the strike price and expirations. That’s especially handy if you’re setting up a four-leg trade like a condor or butterfly.



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