Letters to the Editor

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

I read the March issue of AccessWorld about the leadership conference. All sounds good, but outside of many major cities the blind and visually impaired are still not finding suitable employment. Most people I meet have never heard of AFB. Transportation outside of major metropolitan areas is still a challenge for blind persons trying to get to a job or to other appointments. I have RP but have earned a master's degree and acquired technology skills at the Carroll Center in Newton Mass in 2000,but I still cannot find a good job due to a poor New York State economy. ... I get silence when I apply and potential employers find out that I have a blindness condition. Public ignorance about blindness and adaptive technology is still great.

Tom Malone

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Bill Holton's article, Three New Techniques for Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

I would like to mention another radiation technique. I have recently filed a patent titled "Deuteron Therapy.” Like protons, deuterons are charged particles that can be very accurately “focused” onto the macular vasculature, and because charged particles stop dead after they reach their intended range, downstream tissues are barely affected. However, the potential advantage of deuterons over protons is that for shallow depths—like the macular vasculature—the lateral conformity and range cut-off characteristics of a deuteron beam are much better than those of a proton beam, in fact they approach the characteristics of a carbon-ion beam. Deuteron beams can either be generated using existing proton cyclotrons, or cyclotrons specifically configured only for deuteron treatments. If radiation is effective for wet-AMD, then deuteron beams should have ideal characteristics for this kind of treatment.

Robert Zamenhof

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Aaron Preece's March 2019 article, Drink Accessibly: A Review of DigitalPour and Untappd, two Beverage Menu Apps

Thank you for the review of our mobile application this month.

I wanted to thank you for pointing out the limitations that you discovered. 

We are going to turn on VoiceOver and see if we can pin down the oddities that were referenced so we can make the needed changes. 

We are a small company based out of Portland, OR and take great pride at providing our customers and their mobile users a great service that they enjoy using. 

Your feedback helps us, so thank you! 


Lisa Marcus, Chief Executive Officer, DigitalPour

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Bill Holton's March 2019 article, Book Review: Getting Started with Google Suite: A Brief Overview of Google's Most Popular Productivity Apps by Lisa Salinger, Kim Loftis, and Chris Grabowski

Thank you for your thorough review of this book. The Mystic Access team, Chris in particular, initially created the Google Suite Audio tutorial for me as a custom tutorial.

Although I believe that Mystic Access has done a thorough job with both tutorials, I would encourage students and employees to consult Google’s YouTube videos and documentation.

Have you considered contacting the Mystic Access team to address some of the concerns you mentioned in the interview? They are very responsive to feedback.


Rebecca Skipper

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