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Access Issues

Verizon Fios Offers Improved TV Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments

Janet Ingber

A new cable box plus a new remote control with voice command and the ability to find a lost remote by sound are available for Verizon Fios TV One customers. The voice-activated remote provides an easy way to access video description and text-to-speech.

Employment Matters

An Interview with Kelly Egan, Customer Relations Manager for the Sprint Corporation

Deborah Kendrick

While some may see vision loss as a reason to drop out of the workforce, Kelly Egan says it never occurred to her that she would not have a job. Today, she is a customer relations manager for Sprint, responsible for growing the company’s accessibility efforts to include customers who have vision loss.

Product Reviews and Guides

Get Technology Help and More for Free Using AIRA and Be My Eyes

J.J. Meddaugh

The expanding array of specialized help options available from AIRA and Be My Eyes can help people with visual impairments complete a wide variety of computer and other tasks. While the preference should always be for built-in accessibility, it's nice to know there is a fallback when there are gaps in technology access.

The Accessibility of the Weight Watchers Website and iOS and watchOS Apps

Janet Ingber

The Weight Watchers (WW) website contains a lot of useful information, though the registration process should be easier. The iOS app works well and is very accessible; WW also offers users specific accessibility information.

iHearit: a Review of MFi-Supported Hearing Aids From a VoiceOver User’s Perspective

Scott Davert

MFi hearing aids are designed to function well when connected to an iPhone. Though accessibility issues exist in specific hearing aid apps, the controls built into iOS itself can make using MFi hearing aids feasible for a VoiceOver user.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Getting Visual Assistance with Your iPhone: Now You Can Just Be Friends with Your Friends, by Judy Dixon

Deborah Kendrick

In the last decade, numerous apps that can provide visual assistance to someone with vision loss have been released. Judy Dixon's new book explores many such visual assistance apps, guiding readers through the process of choosing and using the apps that will be most helpful.

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