Dear AccessWorld readers,

Eight years ago, AccessWorld implemented a "Comment on this article" link at the end of each article to bring your comments, questions, and ideas right to my inbox. Since that time, hundreds of you have written to share your thoughts, many of which have been shared in the monthly "Letters to the Editor" column. Your feedback has been extremely valuable to the AccessWorld team and has helped us grow, enrich our content, and better understand your access interests and challenges. I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

One recent change prompted by reader feedback is the reinstitution of the “Read the Full Issue” link at the bottom of AccessWorld’s table of contents page. When this feature was temporarily unavailable during the beginning of our webpage redesign, we definitely heard from you, and as a result, it is back as of the June 2019 issue.

Also, we have heard from readers who are disappointed due to the discontinuation of the AccessWorld app. We hear you, and we understand your points and concerns. Please know we are working very diligently to make the new AccessWorld website a very user-friendly site for computer and especially mobile users. So, please stay with us while the transformation is in process.

We also heard from readers who are interested in more employment related content. AccessWorld has responded by developing a new monthly column called Employment Matters. In this column, Deborah Kendrick interviews successfully employed people with visual impairments to dig into the reasons for their success, learn how they overcame hurdles, and extract advice and encouragement for fellow blind and visually impaired job seekers. One of the goals of this column is to identify the technical and interpersonal skills, attributes, attitudes, and strategies readers can emulate and incorporate into their own career paths. Continuing in the employment vein, in this issue AccessWorld turns an eye toward entrepreneurship. Traditionally, job seekers scour job listings in publications, on career websites, company websites, on apps, and network with acquaintances to find job openings. But have you thought about creating your own opportunities by starting your own business?

If finding a job has been challenging for you, it may be time to shift your mindset and think of the opportunities that may exist for you as a business owner. In this issue, you will learn about the uber-successful clothing venture started by two blind brothers, the business communication tool Slack, and the strides that have taken place in the accessibility of business/accounting software such as FreshBooks. The Internet has made it easier than ever to start your own business from home.

If you happen to be a podcast listener like I am, when it comes to career and business information, I listen to The Ken Coleman Show and Entre Leadership. These two podcasts provide insightful, actionable information, and I recommend you search for these shows wherever you listen to podcasts. For readers who still haven't taken the opportunity, I encourage you to send me your comments on articles and your thoughts on any additional topics you would like to see addressed in AccessWorld.

We hope you enjoyed the July 2019 Back-to-School issue and gained information to help with getting ready for the upcoming school year.


Lee Huffman, AccessWorld Editor-in-Chief

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