Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Jamie Pauls' December 2019 article, Amazon Prime Provides More Audio-Described Content Than Ever Before.

This was a great article but I would like to see someone do an in-depth review of using Amazon’s VoiceView screen reader with a Fire TV stick or possibly a Kindle. This may make some in the blind community more enthusiastic about trying a product that uses something other than VoiceOver.

Thank you very much and keep up the great work with this wonderful magazine. Looking forward to what the next issue will bring.


Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Jamie Pauls' July 2019 article, BrailleNote Touch Plus or BrailleSense Polaris: Which One Is Right for You?.

I want to commend you and AccessWorld for this article. It’s most helpful to potential buyers to have side-by-side comparisons of these products, especially given their very high cost. I also highly favor the all-in-one braille computer. I don’t want to have to juggle several gadgets just to use the Internet, for example.

Thanks so much for your article. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting the release of the El Braille 40.

M. Todd Morando

Dear AccessWorld Editor,

This message is in reference to Jamie Pauls' December 2019 article, "Do You Need Dancing?" Or, One Blind Person's Thoughts On International Travel.

I appreciated this article very much! I’ve always wanted to travel to the holy land.

In 1978 my parents sent me on a school trip to London. We had a chartered 747 and there were boy scouts in uniform, nuns in habits and about 200 high school students. As soon as the plane leveled out the staff started serving cocktails, to everyone, no ID requested. We were a very rowdy group by the time we landed in London. At Heathrow Airport I was on a moving sidewalk with a teacher who was supposed to be my sighted guide. All of a sudden I noticed I was alone. My group had departed for passport control leaving me cruising along towards departures.

After a few days in London we were supposed to go to Buckingham Palace. We all ate breakfast, proceeded out to the curb in front of the hotel to wait for the bus and everyone left me standing there! I thought "OK, what do I do now? My roommate has the room key." I went back into the lobby and a nice lady at the counter took pity on me. She was just getting off her shift and she took me shopping. Then I took her out to lunch. So it wasn’t so bad!

Since then I’ve traveled to the islands with TNT. They used to offer all-inclusive trips, but I’m not sure if they are even in business anymore. I never had a problem on those trips. The TNt rep who was stationed at the hotel was always helpful and took me shopping or got me on tours.


Jeff Greene

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