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Employment Matters

Employment Matters: Matthew Campbell, Chief Technology Officer, Pneuma Solutions

Deborah Kendrick

While his name may not be immediately familiar to you, Campbell's brilliance has touched many of the programs and products that probably are. He was the secret weapon of the company that would become Serotek, went to work on Narrator for Microsoft, and is now Chief Technology Officer for Pneuma Solutions.

Product Reviews and Guides

Introducing Pneuma Solutions: Two Tech Innovators are Back with a New Company and New Products

Deborah Kendrick

Dreamers like Mike Calvo and Matt Campbell don’t just get one idea and relax. From FreedomBox to System Access to DocuScan, Sero, RIM, Scribe, and Scribe for Meetings, they just keep contemplating the problems they and other blind individuals face and then look at ways to solve them. Today, the focus is Augmented Document Mediation.

Video Streaming Services, Part 2: Cutting the Cable Cord with YouTube TV

Steven Kelley

YouTube TV may offer a quick, economical solution. For a flat rate of $65 a month, YouTube TV offers 85 broadcast and program networks. There's no contract, you pay by the month, and a 7- or 14- day free trial lets you check out the networks and programming offered and the accessibility features on your device.

Popular Web Conferencing Programs, Part 2: Teleconferencing Using Google Meet with Assistive Technology in Mind

Jamie Pauls

If you need a free, simple solution for getting together for a family chat or simple meeting, Google Meet should do the trick. The Windows PC web application and iPhone app work great with minimal fuss. The camera and microphone can be toggled with a hotkey and other controls that don't have hotkeys assigned to them are easy enough to find on the uncluttered screen.

The Accessibility of Apple Fitness+

Janet Ingber

Apple Fitness+, a subscription streaming service that offers a wide variety of exercise workouts, was launched in January 2021 after much anticipation. Apple Fitness+ integrates with your Apple Watch Series 3 or later, to automatically start and track your Fitness+ workouts.

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