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Employment Matters

Employment Matters: Jim Kracht, Retired Miami-Dade County Attorney

Deborah Kendrick

Jim Kracht has led a life worthy of his inclusion in the Florida Bar Association's Five Faces of Change.

Product Reviews and Guides

The Power of LiDAR Comes to an iPhone Near You

Judy Dixon

Now available on your iPhone, LiDAR is a laser-based technology that helps you navigate and orient in the physical environment.

A New Day for TalkBack: Android Screen Reader Gets a Major Update

J.J. Meddaugh

The latest version of TalkBack, the built-in Android screen reader, includes significant improvements to the screen reader, including multi -finger gestures.

Lookout App for Android: Google’s AI Swiss Army Knife

Steven Kelley

The LookOut app for Android, similar in function to Microsoft's Seeing AI, brings multi-function object and text recognition to the Android operating system for free.

Streaming Audio Services Part 2: The Accessibility of Apple Music

Janet Ingber

In this article, we will explore Apple Music, Apple's fully accessible music streaming service available on multiple platforms.

App Reviews

Untold RPG for iOS: Playability and Accessibility

Jamie Pauls

Untold RPG is a text-based role playing game with ritch music and sound effects that is also fully accessible using VoiceOver.

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