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Product Reviews

Moderating Google Groups: A screen reader and browser comparison

Janet Ingber

In the first of our relaunched product evaluations, we took a look at the controls available to Google Group moderators to determine their accessibility as well as highlight where their access choices could be emulated by others seeking to make similar interfaces accessible.

Employment Journeys

Employment Journeys, Darren Burton, Access Industry Veteran

Aaron Preece

If you have been an AccessWorld reader for many years, you probably recognize the name of Darren Burton. Darren was a prolific AccessWorld author for many years. We sat down with Darren to get his insights on recovery after vision loss, technology, and solutions to the employment barriers facing the blind and low vision community today.

Best Practice Guides

A Novice’s Guide to VPATs

John Lilly

VPATs should be thought of as a starting point for determining the accessibility of a product. If they do not have a VPAT, have never heard of a VPAT, or refuse to share the VPAT with you, then it should be a big red flag that the product is most likely not accessible. VPATs should also never be used as proof of an accessible product.

Inclusive Technology Research

Interest In and Adoption of Novel AT: Findings from NRTC's AT in the Workplace Study

Michele McDonnall, Anne Steverson

Although many novel AT are introduced, few are widely adopted or regularly used. Given the abundance of novel AT but limited adoption, we wanted to know how people who are blind or have low vision learn about novel AT, what impacts their decision to try it, and what they think about it in general.