Terminology for CCTVs

I read with interest the letter regarding potentially better terminology for CCTVs used by those of us with low vision. I refer to my Magni-Cam as a "CCTV reader" when mentioning it to others who may not be familiar with such visual aids. Granted, reading may not be all that such devices are used for, so maybe "CCTV magnifier" would also be an appropriate term. These gadgets are, in my opinion, still more accurately defined as CCTVs, but adding "reader" or "magnifier" should differentiate them from CCTV security devices. I personally don't care for the term "video magnifier," since I usually associate that term with a video recorder of some kind, and I assume others might as well. "Electronic magnifier" doesn't seem adequate either.

As an added note, when I was planning for the purchase of my latest Magni-Cam a few years ago, a friend asked me why I didn't look into CCTV security cameras and monitors as a substitute. I discovered the focal point of such devices doesn't allow for up-close viewing of material, since they don't have "short" lenses.

Thanks for the especially good articles in the November AccessWorld.

John W. Smith
Hallsville, MO

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