Listen to Diabetes: The Basics—Introduction Audio

About Diabetes: The Basics

Everyone who has diabetes needs basic diabetes information—enough to know what to do, when to do it, and why it's important. These recordings were created to provide that basic information in all the important areas of diabetes self-management: Healthy Eating, Being Active, Monitoring, Taking Medication, Problem Solving, Healthy Coping, and Reducing Risks.

The text for these recordings came from the basic information sheets produced by the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland. This organization is a local diabetes association located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland serves northeast Ohio, and is not affiliated with any national diabetes group.

These recordings were originally produced to make the information available to people who have visual impairment. But there are other people who might find recorded information accessible and convenient. For example, people who have dyslexia or who prefer audio rather than visual learning, or who understand spoken English better than written English, or who listen to recordings while commuting. These recordings are available to everyone!

Ownership Statements

These recordings were produced as a collaborative project of the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland and the American Foundation for the Blind, with funding from the National Eye Institute%27s Healthy Vision Award.

These materials may be freely reproduced and used for educational purposes. They may not, however, be commercially sold for a profit without the expressed permission of the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland.

This information is provided for general medical education purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for the independent judgment of a physician or other health care provider relative to diagnostic and treatment options of a specific patient's medical condition.

The Readers and the Music

The readers on this recording are all volunteers. They are, in the order they appear on the recordings, Greg Slawson, Jaired Birks, Beth Zych, Ginie Mast, Alberta Bee, Ronald Register, Ronald Hickman, and Tammy Randall. The music was composed especially for these recordings by Greg Slawson, who was also the audio engineer.