This category lists products for people who are deaf-blind or those with multiple disabilities.

Communication system for independent and portable two-way conversations to help deaf-blind individuals communicate electronically face-to-face or over a distance using a PAC Mate Omni with sighted parties who have a Bluetooth-capable PC or PDA. With Face to Face installed on a PAC Mate BX or QX, a person who is deaf-blind can communicate wirelessly with a sighted person in the same room. A sighted person uses the Face to Face bundle’s iPAQ, on which the Face to Face application is installed. A deaf-blind person uses a PAC Mate and braille display to send and receive written conversation. Communication is also possible with someone who is blind and runs the application on another PAC Mate. A user types what he or she wants to say and the text as well as responses appear on the braille display as contracted or uncontracted braille.

A deaf-blind telecommunications solution consisting of a modem and software installed on a PAC Mate. A deaf-blind person uses the braille display to review the text he or she enters and the text others send in reply. Can be used to place calls to anyone with a TDD. On a PAC Mate QWERTY keyboard, a deaf-blind person types in text and then reads the response on the braille display. Anyone using a braille keyboard must type uncontracted braille unless the recipient also has a braille display. Package includes a TTY modem and power supply, the FSTTY application CD, a serial cable, a CompactFlash®-to serial-adapter, a telephone cable, and leather carry case.