Under this category, you will find a range of adapted tools such as rulers, calculators, keyboards, and other educational materials that are available with enlarged print or audible speech.

8-Digit Talking Calculator
Eight-digit talking calculator that features an automatic power shutoff. Measures 5" high and 6-7/8" wide. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Includes 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

Aluminum Clipboard Letter Writer
9" x 14" clipboard with an aluminum letter writing guide.

Bold-Line Writing Paper
8 1/2” x 11” paper with bold black lines on both sides. Lines are 9/16 apart or 7/8 apart. Comes in 100-sheet pads.
Available from the Chicago Lighthouse at www.lighthousetoolsforliving.com/Bold-Lined-Writing-PaperWhite_p_371.html?AffId=1

Braille Tactile Map of USA with List of State Capitals
An 8.5" x 11" tactile map of the United States with the states tactually outlined and state names abbreviated in braille. Includes a companion braille legend.

Braille Tactile World Map and 5 Continent Maps
An 11.5" x 11" bound booklet containing the map of the world with the continents marked in braille and individual maps of North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia and Africa. The countries of each continent are outlined and brailled. Keys in braille accompany each map to spell the complete names of the continents or countries that have been abbreviated on the maps.

Calculator Desk Model, Large Display
Desk calculator with an 8-digit LCD readout on a module that can be moved up or down for better visibility. Numbers are 5/8" high and keys are .62 inches wide for better visibility and for ease of use. Uses solar power and back-up batteries (included).

EZ See Large Print Keyboard
Large-button keyboard with large, bold legends and the largest lettering available for low vision users. Available in four high-contrast models and colors and features nine multimedia hot keys and a gentle key bounce force.

Individual Study Screen (ISS)
Projection screen with clear acrylic frame designed for individual use by students with low vision to view filmstrips and other materials. Screen magnifies objects to up to 7x for up-close viewing. Image is projected from rear on frosted plastic insert. Comes with rubber feet to prevent slipping.

InfoGrip BigTrack
Computer mouse that features a three-inch bright yellow trackball and two oversized blue buttons (for left and right mouse clicks) located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted clicks. Compatible with Windows or Macintosh computers that have USB or PS/2 porst. Can be hooked up with a conventional mouse on the same computer.

Portable and lightweight desktop screen that can be set on a desk to block out distractions for students with cortical visual impairment (CVI). The trifold board has a solid white, slick material on one side and a solid black, Velcro-compatible material on the other side. Comes with a carrying case and orientation material in print and braille.

IVEO Hands-On Learning System
Consisting of software and hardware, this system uses sight, sound, and touch to provide users with an engaging and interactive solution to understanding tactile graphics. A powerful content creation software and an intuitive touchpad for audio-tactile response provides unparalleled access to tactile information. Incorporates audio feedback with tactile graphics to provide an engaging and interactive way to understand complex, visually oriented information. Consists of two components—the software to create an IVEO file, and a touchpad to provide interaction with an IVEO file through a tactile graphic.

Jumbo Display Folding Calculator
Compact LCD eight-digit calculator with large number (½”) display. Powered by solar energy and battery back-up.

Large Print Bluetooth Mini Keyboards
Bluetooth mini keyboard with large print keycaps. Available in white on black, black on yellow, and black on white.

Large Print Random House Webster's Dictionary
Large print soft cover dictionary with 35,000 words and definitions. Measures 9.25 x 7.37 inches. Words are 18-point type, definitions are in 16-point type.

Math Window
Math teaching tool that utilizes magnetic tiles that combine braille and print. Tiles can be stored along the perimeter of the board, or on the optional attachable tile pallet, for quick access. Math problems are easily built and changed as needed, using the movable braille method. Work surface is conveniently sized to fit the desk and to be easily carried to and from class. Handy carrying tote provided. Available in several versions.

Software that makes it possible to save Word documents containing equations as a DAISY electronic book that can be read by using MathPlayer-enabled DAISY player software on a personal computer or a dedicated eBook reader. Adds a "Save As DAISY" menu item to Word's File menu. Saves the document as a DAISY Digital Talking Book ready to be used in an eBook reader. Enhances the Word-to-DAISY conversion process, converting the equations in the document to MathML as required by the DAISY format.

Mountbatten Learning System
A teaching and writing tool designed to introduce students to braille literacy in a fun and inclusive manner. Ideal choice for students of all ages, from preschool children at the very early stages of braille instruction to high school students looking for an efficient way to produce mathematical equations and other braille materials. Uses audio response to reinforce which commands are being entered. The ergonomic keyboard facilitates literacy activities and spontaneous play for young children.

Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator
A modified Ti-84 Plus with a small attachment capable of reading the calculator's screen aloud. The attached unit allows the user to navigate graphs through speech and audible tones; designated keys can be used to control volume, rate, pause, silence, repeat, and also change preferences. The unit features built-in stereo speakers, though a headphone jack is available so that headphones may be used.

SciPlus-2200 (Scientific Calculator)
Large button, big display scientific calculator designed specifically for users with low vision. Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. Performs a comprehensive set of advanced mathematical and statistical functions. Features include large 6" four-line display with adjustable contrast, inverse video, and four-level backlight. Features a long-lasting battery and includes USB charger and country specific adapter. Available in blue or silver.

SciPlus-2300 (Scientific Calculator with Speech)
Large button, big display scientific calculator. Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. Has the ability to evaluate functions and enables user to evaluate mathematical expressions. Includes speech output via earbuds (included). Two language audio output available in EN/ES or EN/FR or EN/AR. Features include large 6" display with adjustable contrast, inverse video, and four-level backlight. Includes USB charger and country-specific adapter.

SciPlus-2500 (Graphing Scientific Calculator with Speech)
Large button, big display scientific graphing calculator. Performs scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, and fractions. Can evaluate functions, evaluate mathematical expressions, plot equations, analyze values along a curve and determine y-intercepts, poles, etc. Includes speech output via earbuds (included). Two language audio output available. Features large 6" display with adjustable contrast, inverse video, and four-level backlight, battery, USB charger, country-specific adapter. Available in blue or silver.

SmartGlobe Infinity
Interactive Smart Globe with wireless SmartPen(TM). By touching the continent, country, body of water, or mountain range with the pen, the user can learn such information as size, language, history and much more. A clear male voice speaks the facts. User can also select from over 30 learning activities that are organized by age ranges from 5 to 8, 9 to 14 and 15 and up. Connect it to a computer to update the data. It can serve as a learning tool or a game to be played by the whole family.

Tactile World Globe
One-foot diameter globe made of smooth, white plastic with land areas raised in relief and water areas flat, so it can be explored tactually or marked with a 20/20 pens by low vision students. The two halves of the globe are detachable. Comes with a plastic disk that can be inserted between the two halves of the globe to show the layers of the earth‘s core and atmosphere visually. Includes a comprehensive teacher ‘s guide.

Talking Tactile Tablet 2
A computer peripheral device that connects to the USB port of any Windows or Macintosh computer. It allows the user to interact with tactile graphics and to read maps, play games, and so on. Users can place one of a large number of raised, tactile drawings on the device and press on various parts of the graphic to receive audio feedback. Instructions are built-in. Narration is supplied in digitized human speech.

Talking Typer for Windows
Computer keyboarding and typing training software that speaks and displays lessons on screen. It includes drills, practice, and typing games and is adjustable to the student's level of skill and sight impairment. Recommended ages: 6 and older.

TypeAbility 4.3.3
Program that teaches the entire computer keyboard in 99 user-friendly lessons. By the end of the lessons, the student will have mastered all the letters, numbers, punctuation, as well as navigation and editing in dialogs and text documents. TypeAbility 4.3 for JAWS relies on speech provided by either the screen reader JAWS 12 and higher, or the magnification program MAGic 12 or higher. To run TypeAbility along with JAWS, use either a full version of JAWS or the free JAWS demo.

ZoomText Apple Large-Print Keyboard
Large print keyboard for Mac computers. Available in black on white, black on yellow, and white on back.

ZoomText Apple Large-Print Keyboard Skin
Large print Apple keyboard skin. Available in black on white, black on yellow, and white on back.

ZoomText Large-Print Keyboards for the PC
Designed for the ZoomText user, each key and button label is easy to see, even in low light, with its 36-point keycaps and high-contrast color schemes. Also provides quick access to ZoomText 9.0 features.