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Intro: The American Foundation for the Blind in Association with NVAccess presents:

Learn NVDA:
An Introduction to using your computer and getting online.

Installing Firefox

Narrator: In this tutorial we'll be downloading and installing the Mozilla Firefox web browser. A web browser is simply a program that runs on your computer that is able to communicate with servers on the internet which present you, the User, with web pages. The internet is based on standards, so any compliant web browser should be able to provide access to content in the same way, with the only difference being peripheral features such as bookmark management. When using a screen reader however, there's an extra layer of complexity that some browsers don't handle very well. So with that in mind, Firefox is our preferred web browser to pair with NVDA, but other browsers, including Internet Explorer, may work for you as well. In the next tutorial however, we will be covering the basics of browsing the web using Firefox, so it will be easier to follow along if you are using the same browser. To begin press the Windows key to bring up the Start Menu.

Screen Reader: Cortana Window, Search Box Edit Blank

Narrator: NVDA should already be focused in the search field. Start typing Internet Explorer.

Screen Reader: Internet Explorer Internet Explorer. Desktop app 1 of 8 Level 1

Narrator: When you do this, you'll be moved automatically to the item to launch the browser. Press Enter when you hear Internet Explorer Desktop app.

Screen Reader: Unknown Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer. pane pane American Foundation. for the Blind Home Page Link

Narrator: Wait for a moment as the browser launches and loads the home page. When the program has loaded, press Alt plus D to move to the address bar.

Screen Reader: Edit Selected

Narrator: There number of ways to get to the Firefox Download, but if you know use a search engine like Google, it's easier to search for it. But for this tutorial, we're going to enter the address directly. You can find the link in the description of this tutorial, or type in and press Enter. I'll do that now.

Screen Reader: m o z i l l a . o r g / e n - U S / f i r e f o x / n e w / Download FireFox Free Web Browser. Mozilla link - Mozilla Heading

Narrator: When the page loads, press the "L" key, which will move you by list items.

Screen Reader: Main landmark Free Download Link

Narrator: We can select the download link with the Enter key.

Screen Reader: Alert Notification Bar Text: Do you want to run or save Firefox. Setup Stub 44.0.exe (236 KB) from download-installer.cdn. Run button - Alt plus R. Save split button - Alt plus S. Cancel button - Alt plus C. Close button - Close

Narrator: After a moment, you'll be asked if you would like to either run or save the install file. We'll want to run the file so press Alt plus R.

Screen Reader: Alert Notification Bar Text: Dialog: Secure Desktop User. Account Control Dialog: Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC? Program Name: Firefox Stub Installer. Verified Publisher: Mozilla Corporation. File Origin: Hard drive on this Computer No button Alt plus N

Narrator: Depending on your configuration you may encounter a dialog that asks if you like to allow the installer to make changes to the computer. Press Alt plus Y to allow this.

Screen Reader: Yes button Alt plus Y. Download Firefox Setup Dialog: Thanks for choosing Mozilla Firefox. We're not just designed to be different we're different by design. Install button - Alt plus I

Narrator: The installer will launch and drop your cursor directly on the Install Firefox button. Press Enter to begin the installation process.

Screen Reader: Unavailable. Cancel button. Firefox Setup Dialog: One moment. Firefox will lauch as soon as the install is complete. Installing Firefox... Download Firefox Free Web Browser Mozilla. Internet Mozilla Firefox. Start Page Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox Start Page document. Search query edit collapsed Blank.

Narrator: After the installer finishes it, will automatically launch Firefox.