The AFB Technology Training and Awareness Program initial pilot phase consists of an online self-paced training course on the use of Google Docs and Google Drive with the free NVDA screen reader for Windows. The training is divided into 10 modules, each containing brief videos, written reference information and an evaluation after each completed module.

Note to pilot participants: You may wish to bookmark this page, to bypass the demographics survey as you work your way through the modules. The training modules assume that the free NVDA screen reader has already been installed on your Windows computer. A comprehensive tutorial on using the NVDA screen reader will be available soon and a link to it will be added to this page and to modules 1 and 10 when it is ready. Currently the NVDA screen reader and the Mozilla Firefox web browser used in combination provides the greatest accessibility support.

All of the written material contained in the training was produced using Google Docs with the NVDA screen reader using the skills and procedures covered in the 10 modules.