The Galaxy Watch from Samsung is a smart watch with built in accessibility features for visual and hearing impairment. This video covers how those features work and how to activate them.

(Note: This video was produced by AFB Consulting as work product for a contract with Samsung Electronics.)


Narrator: Samsung Galaxy Watch Accessibility Features.

The information in this video applies to the following models: Galaxy Watch 46 millimeter, and Galaxy Watch 42 millimeter.

Galaxy Watch Controls. The Galaxy Watch has 4 main control surfaces that allow you to interact with it:

The touch screen.

The rotating bezel.

And the two buttons that are located to the right side of the device.

The top right button is the back button, and the bottom right button is the home or power button.

Accessibility Settings.

To find the accessibility settings, go to settings, and scroll down to the ninth item in the settings list.

Here you can find hearing, vision, and text to speech settings for the accessibility.

Voice Assistant.

The Galaxy Watch has a built in screen reader called Voice Assistant.

Voice Assistant can be activated from the accessibility screen in the main settings menu

Voice Assistant works by reading aloud the current time, notifications, text, buttons, and menu options.

Voice Assistant also provides a way to navigate through the apps and widgets on the screen.

Without having to directly touch an item on the screen.

When tapping the screen with one finger Voice Assistant provides voice feedback for the selected control.

To activate the selected control, double tap anywhere on the screen with one finger.

Swipe from left to right anywhere on the screen with one finger to move to the next control.

Swipe right to left to move to the previous control.

Swipe up or down with two fingers to scroll through the screens and menu options.

You can also rotate the bezel to scroll through the menus.


The included accessibility features also provide options for users with low vision.

The zoom feature can be enabled to magnify the text and options on the screen.

Once enabled, triple tapping the screen will zoom in and using a pinch gesture will adjust the magnification.

Vibration Watch.

The Galaxy Watch also provides an option to behave as a Vibration Watch, where the current time can be given using vibration only.

There are two modes: The digits mode and the terse mode.

For the digits mode the watch provides a long vibration for every 10 and a short vibration for every 1 minute or hour.

In terse mode the watch provides a short vibration every quarter hour or 15 minutes.

Greyscale and Negative Colors.

The Galaxy Watch provides options for changing the display to only show greyscale or negative color options.

In greyscale all color is removed and the display only shows in black and white for negative color this inverts the colors and they are displayed in their opposite color.

Hearing Impairment.

For users with hearing impairment the Galaxy Watch provides the option to mute all sound output from the watch and to change audio playback to mono which merges the stereo audio track into a single channel.

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If you have any accessibility questions, large or small, please reach out to Samsung’s Accessibility Team via email at or phone at 972-761-7123.

Samsung’s Accessibility Team supports customers with vision, hearing, mobility, speech and cognitive needs.

Samsung customers with technical support, promotions, or product sales questions should call 1-888-987-4357.

For details about specific Samsung devices, please visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) database at W-W-W-dot-G-A-R-I-dot-com.

For more information about the American Foundation for the Blind, visit our website at W-W-W-dot-A-F-B-dot-com.