Matthew Enigk: Samsung and The American Foundation for the Blind present:

Samsung Television Accessibility Features Overview. The following accessibility features apply to several models offered after 2017 as well as the Q, N, H, and J series Smart TVs.

Hello my name is Matthew and I'm with the American Foundation for the Blind. On behalf of Samsung I’m here to present to you the accessibility features built into the Samsung Q7F television.

Samsung prides itself on making products that work for all people. Whether it’s smartphones, TVs, or wearable devices, Samsung invests heavily in designing products that meet the unique accessibility needs of different people.

Enabling accessibility features.

There are three different ways to activate the accessibility features of the Samsung Q7F television.

The first is from the accessibility menu within the main TV settings.

Press the Smart Hub Button on the remote (the middle button below the directional pad) and navigate left one time to the settings button.

Press the select button to enter the menu, and press the down button three times to get to the general settings menu.

Press select to enter the menu and press down 4 more times to find the accessibility menu.

Pressing select will open the accessibility settings and allow you activate VoiceGuide.

Voice Guide: Set to on, VoiceGuide settings. 4 items. Video Description Off, Disabled. High Contrast Off

Matthew: The second option is using the accessibility shortcut on the remote.

Press and hold the Mute button and after one second the accessibility shortcut menu will appear on screen.

Voice Guide: Accessibility Shortcuts, Eight Items. VoiceGuide, Off. Set to on.

Matthew: VoiceGuide is automatically enabled so you can navigate the menu even if VoiceGuide was already disabled.

The final option is during setup of the TV for the very first time.

VoiceGuide will be on by default and you have the option to activate the other accessibility settings from the shortcut menu by holding the mute button on the remote.

Navigating with VoiceGuide.

The Samsung Q7F television has a built in screen reader called VoiceGuide.

VoiceGuide works by reading aloud the currently selected text, buttons, items, and options in menus and apps as well as and channel/volume information, and programming information in the TV guide.

Voice Guide: Smart Hub, 18 items. Source, Search, Apps, Advertisement.

Matthew: You can navigate the screen using the up/down/left/right buttons and activating buttons and items using the select key.

VoiceGuide settings.

VoiceGuide gives you 3 options for the voice settings.

You can adjust the relative volume of VoiceGuide...

Voice Guide: Volume, loud

Matthew: ...adjust the speaking rate faster or slower...

Voice Guide: Speed, slow

Matthew: ...and you can raise or lower the pitch of the voice.

Voice Guide: Pitch, medium.

Matthew: High contrast and enlarged text. The included accessibility features also provide options for users with low vision.

The accessibility menu has an option to switch to a high contrast mode, shown here.

Voice Guide: High contrast, off. Set to on.

Matthew: You can also enlarge the on screen text and menus using the enlarge option.

Voice Guide: Enlarge off, set to on. Close button. Smart Hub, 18 items. Source.

Matthew: Captions and Caption Options.

The built in TV tuner supports on-screen closed captioning.

Closed captioning can be enabled from the accessibility shortcut menu or from the main accessibility menu in settings.

Voice Guide: Caption. settings, off.

Caption settings, 3 items

Caption. Set to On.

Matthew: You also have the ability to alter the appearance and location of the captions on the screen.

Voice Guide: Caption Mode, Default.

Digital Caption Options.

Digital Caption Options. 12 items.

Size, Default.

Font, Default.

Font Style, Default.

Foreground Color, Default.

Background Color, Default.

Window Color, Default.

Foreground Opacity, Default.

Background Opacity, Default.

Window Opacity, Default.

Edge Type, No Edge.

Edge Color, Default.

Return to Default.

Matthew: Video Descriptions.

Video broadcasts may contain a second audio track that provides a description of what is happening on screen.

This can be enabled from both the accessibility shortcut menu as well as the accessibility screen in the settings menu.

Thank you for watching.

If you have any accessibility questions, large or small, please reach out to Samsung’s Accessibility Team via email at or phone at 972-761-7123.

Samsung’s Accessibility Team supports customers with vision, hearing, mobility, speech and cognitive needs.

Samsung customers with technical support, promotions, or product sales questions should call 1-888-987-4357.

For details about specific Samsung devices, please visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) database at

For more information about the American Foundation for the Blind, visit our website at

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