Low vision optical devices include a variety of devices, such as stand and handheld magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes. Magnifying devices are generally either handheld or mounted on a stand, with zoom ranges from 2x to 10x. Monoculars and binoculars are intended to help the user see items at a distance, often 15-30 feet away. These handheld telescopes are usually small enough to fit in the user's pocket.

Low vision optical devices are task-specific. A low vision specialist may prescribe several different low vision optical devices for various tasks or help determine the right type of device or devices that will help a user with the tasks her or she wants to perform.

12x 1.4-inch LED Pocket Illuminated Magnifier
Pocket-sized illuminated magnifier with all the features of handheld models. Uses three AAA batteries (not included) that last approximately 100 hours. Comes with a protective pouch.

2x Full-Page Magnifier
Full-page Fresnel magnifier ideal for looking at small print in phone books, reading instructions and maps or doing hobby work.

3.25x Auto Touch Handheld Magnifier
Handheld LED rectangular magnifier that offers 3.25x magnification with 3.27" x 2.32" lens size. Features an easy access battery compartment for when you need to change the two AA batteries (not included). Includes protective soft cloth pouch.

3.5x/10D LED Handheld Rectangular Magnifier
Handheld illuminated pocket magnifier with a bright, cool, LED light that illuminates evenly with no glare. Features include a wide handle and rounded edges for easy handling and a large switch for easy on/off operation. Uses three AAA batteries (not included).

5x COIL Illuminated Pocket Magnifier
Compact and lightweight illuminated pocket magnifier with distortion-free bi-aspheric lenses. Tungsten bulbs provide evenly distributed light. Comes with a protective pouch. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

5X Round Acrylic Illuminated Magnifier
Compact magnifier with 5x magnification and a lens size of 1.25”. Comes with a black plastic carrying case. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

5x Two Lens Unisex Magnifier
Pocket magnifier with 2x and 3x lenses that can be used separately or together for 5x magnification. Magnifiers slide into a hard cover case that has a black cord to hang around one's neck.

64mm Dome Magnifier with a Walnut Base
Handmade dome magnifier with a walnut base ideal for viewing larger areas.

64mm Dome Magnifier with an Oak Base
Handmade dome magnifier with a base made of oak ideal for viewing larger area.

7x 1.9-inch LED Pocket Illuminated Magnifier
Pocket-sized handheld magnifier. Uses three AAA batteries (not included) that last approximately 100 hours. Comes with a protective leather pouch.

Acrylic Full-Page Magnifier
Large 10" x 12" magnifier for reading newspapers, books, or magazines. The 2x Fresnel magnifier lens is made of optical-grade acrylic which will not bend or distort words or images.

Bausch and Lomb 5x Pocket Magnifier
Pocket magnifier with a 5x aspheric lens that slides in and out of a hard-plastic case. The protective case doubles as a handle. The magnifier measures 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" when opened, and 1 1/2" x 2" when closed. The lens measures 1.5" (diameter).

Bausch and Lomb Folding Pocket Magnifiers
Pocket-sized folding magnifiers. The two-lens model has 4x or 5x magnification singly, or 9x magnification when paired with a focal distance of 2.5" to 1.1" and a lens with a 23mm diameter. The three-lens model has 5x, 7x, and 9x magnification and lens with a 75mm in diameter.

Cell Phone Magnifying Lens
A 2x lens framed by a rubber frame and flexible band that fits around just about any size cell phone and even portable phones.

Coil 2x Binocular System
Comfortable and lightweight binoculars with each lens able to be focused individually. Includes pouch and neck cord. Choice of tinted or clear lens.

COIL Hi Power LED Hand Magnifiers
Compact and lightweight magnifiers with LED bulbs for illumination.

Coil Raylite Illuminated Stand Magnifiers
High-power illuminated aspheric lens stand magnifier with scratch-resistant coating and an interchangeable head that allows users to change the magnifier. Uses two C batteries (not included).

Dazor 5-Diopter Black Clamping Magnifier Lamp with Flex-Arm
Magnifying lamp with a flexible gooseneck arm and limitless positioning options. Clamps fit up to 2.5” thickness. Magnifier features 5-diopter glass lens that is five inches in diameter with 2.25x magnification when held at a distance of 5-8” below the lens. Thirteen-watt energy efficient bulb has 220 foot-candles of illumination and operates up to 10,000 hours. Light source is located behind the magnifying lens, casting the light at an angle of incidence ideal for highlighting object details. Shadow highlighting makes details of uneven surfaces pop-out to the viewer and is well suited for many inspection tasks. Comes in black.

Dome Magnifier
55mm dome magnifier with a non-scratch base with a 4x magnification.

Ecolux 8x/28D LED Handheld Illuminated Magnifier
LED-illuminated magnifier with bulbs that last up to 10 years with constant use. Provides easy-to-operate on/off and battery switches. Lens measures 1.4 inches. Use three AA alkaline-magnesium batteries (not included).

Sight-enhancing, clinically validated electronic glasses for reading, travelling safely, and engaging in various activities. Uses a high-definition camera and a powerful algorithm processes the video and displays it onto near-to-eye screens with no perceptible delay. eSight can be used in place of other low vision tools, such as CCTVs, digital magnifiers, and screen-reading technology. Can be customized with prescription lenses built right into the eyewear. It is mobile, hands free, and suitable for near, far, and mid-range tasks.

Extra Large Dome Magnifier
Bright field dome magnifier with a 95mm acrylic lens that provides a large viewing surface for maximum light-collecting effects.

Flip Down Magnifying Glasses
Eyeglasses with flipdown magnifying lenses with 1.75x magnification. Ideal for applying makeup, contact lenses, reading or hobbies and crafts.

Foldout Lighted Stand Magnifier
Illuminated stand magnifier for viewing reading materials on a flat surface. May also be used as a hands-free magnifier that can be hung around the neck for working on crafts and hobbies. Comes with a soft nylon cord securely attached to the magnifier. Scratch-resistant magnifying lens with a plastic frame with fold-out legs. Uses three AAA batteries (not included).

Incandescent Raylite Magnifiers
High-quality standard aspheric lenses that result in excellent distortion-free images. Uses two "C" batteries.

Light Gathering Dome Magnifiers
Completely clear acrylic solid dome magnifier with a lens that creates lots of light for easy reading. Available in several magnification levels. The user rests and slides the dome magnifier across the reading material thus eliminating fatigue while reading. The dome design allows a magnified view from multiple angles.

MagnaLite Illuminated Pocket Magnifiers
Portable illuminated square magnifiers with broad handles that are easy to hold. Uses two AAA batteries (included).

Battery-operated, full-color portable electronic monocular that gives user the ability to view and magnify objects in the near distance as well as close up. With its large field of view, it may be used for reading price tags, menus, mail, newspapers, street signs and viewing the beauty of nature.

Monocular with Cord
Adjustable focus monocular with a detachable woven 33" neck strap, a soft fabric cleaning cloth and a protective vinyl carry case.

Optivisor Binocular Magnifiers
Binocular magnifiers with optical glass lenses mounted on a frame on a comfortable headband that can be tilted out of the way when magnification is not needed. Designed for close work, such as reading, writing or crafting projects. May be worn over eyeglasses or alone. Available in varying diopters and magnifications.

Reizen 15x LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier
Handheld magnifier that offers 15x magnification plus illumination from 2 LED bulbs for reading bus and train schedules, price tags and product labels in stores or other fine print. Features a nearly 3/4" diameter color-corrected triplet lens in a sturdy metal body. Compact and lightweight. Requires three AAA batteries (not included).

Reizen 2.5x UV LED Lighted Handheld Magnifier
Handheld magnifier with 2.5x magnification, 2.25" diameter glass lens and a built-in 8 bright LEDs plus 1 UV blue light. Requires three AAA batteries (not included). Features a three-position push-button switch (OFF; 8 LEDs ON; UV light ON) and a large ergonomic handle (great for users with arthritis and limited dexterity).

Reizen 3.5x Illuminated Pocket Magnifier
LED-illuminated 3.5x pocket magnifier with a lens measuring 2.9 in. x 1.9 in. (50mm x 75mm). High-powered, long-life LED light bulb has a projected lifespan of 10,000 hours. Operates on three AAA batteries (not included). Carrying case is included.

Reizen 5x Dome Magnifier with Glass Lens
Dome magnifier with a 60mm glass lens with 5x magnification.

Reizen Extra Short Focus 10x25 Monocular
Monocular that magnifies objects 10x with 25mm (0.98 inch) lens. Features include a rubberized eyecup and lens covers, sure-grip barrel and viewing lens. Includes a neck cord, lens cloth and a carry case. Measures 4.50 in. long x 1.50 in. diameter.

Reizen Handheld and Stand Magnifier Combo Kits
Illuminated handheld magnifier and illuminated stand magnifier with 10x magnification combo kit. Includes drawstring case and storage box. Requires batteries (not included). Handheld uses three AAA batteries and stand uses three AA batteries.

Reizen Handy Lens Slim Line Magnifier
Full-page magnifier that provides 2x-3x magnification with a 2mm-thick Fresnel lens. Comes in a plastic sheath to protect against scratches while not in use. Available in clear, blue, bright yellow and pink.

Reizen Maxi-Brite LED Handheld Magnifiers
LED handheld magnifiers for reading newsprint, books, magazines or photos for crystal clear viewing. The LED bulb provides extra light when necessary and never needs replacement. Measures less than six inches in length and comes in its own soft vinyl drawstring carry case and storage/gift box. Uses three AAA batteries (not included) and a one-year warranty.

Reizen Sport Glasses
Sports glasses that are ideal spectacles/binoculars for distance viewing for TV, the movies, ballet and sporting events. Features a plastic frame available with focusable 2.8x, 2.8x, or 2.5x magnification. Features glare-reducing soft rubber eye shields. Includes case and chain.

Specwell Close Focus Monoculars
Monocular telescopes with soft protective case and eye cup.

Specwell Monoculars
Handheld monoculars that have dual purpose scopes, which work well for both near and distance viewing. These models include an eye cup, neck strap, and protective case.

Sports Spectacles
A pair of hands-free binoculars designed for distance viewing that are worn like eyeglasses. The lenses adjust to the distance between the eyes and the eyepiece can be individually focused. Comes with a neck chain and carrying case.

VES Sports
Bioptic telescope that can be mounted onto specially designed eyeglass frames and can incorporate normal distance prescription and bifocals.