Who We Are

AFB Client Solutions is a full-service provider of digital accessibility, usability, research, and advisory solutions backed by 21 years of experience across a variety of industries. Our client partners have ranged from Fortune 100 enterprises to startup businesses.

What makes us unique is that we incorporate lived experience people with disabilities into every step of our delivery framework through the AFB Talent Lab. This approach ensures your digital products and services not only meet compliance standards, but also are a satisfactory customer experience and reach the widest audience possible.

Usability Beyond Compliance

Compliance with industry-recognized accessibility standards is important, but these guidelines are considered a starting place. Our services go beyond compliance and prioritize the actual user experience. By involving our team of native assistive technology users in every aspect of our delivery, we provide clients with deep and meaningful insights on the user experience, not just a compliance report.

Manual Accessibility & Usability Testing

User experience is at the center of everything we do, which is why we use manual code inspection, manual operability testing, manual assistive-technology-based testing, and, most importantly, user-based testing by individuals with disabilities to identify issues. Automated scanners can only detect about 20% of potential issues, and accessibility overlays often cause more issues for users than they prevent.

Manual accessibility and usability testing catches 99% of compliance and usability issues as it encompasses most of the complexities encountered by users of various disabilities, not only blindness.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Compliance with industry standards, like WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 guidelines is a critical step in ensuring product accessibility as well as legal protection. We test every product against WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards and can incorporate other industry standards into our testing as needed. Every testing report includes references to standards violations with each issue.

Detailed and Actionable Results

Our deliverables include summary reports showcasing accessibility and usability trends identified during testing as well as detailed issue reports that clearly prioritize the issues with the most severe impact on the user experience.

Commitment to An Inclusive Future

Accessibility is not a one-time designation; building inclusive products requires a commitment to regular maintenance and implementation of best practices in accessible design and development. We offer support beyond an audit, helping clients maintain the usability of their products as they evolve over time.

Work With Us

The American Foundation for the Blind is working to break down barriers and create a world of no limits for people with vision loss. For over 20 years, AFB has been a leader in accessibility consulting and helping organizations meet their goals for digital inclusion. Through the AFB Talent Lab, we’re taking a longer, more proactive view. We continue to offer the same exceptional level of consulting services we are known for, while also providing hands-on accessibility training for future technologists through internships and apprenticeships.

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