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GPS Made Simple: A Review of the Trekker Breeze

We review a new, easy-to-use GPS product—Jay Leventhal

ATIA 2009

New products and warm weather were a winning combination at this year's conference—Deborah Kendrick and Jay Leventhal

A New Way to Find Old Friends: A Review of the Accessibility of Facebook

Parents have joined their teenagers on Facebook, but how accessible is it?—Janet Ingber

Screen-Reading Alternatives: An Overview of Lower-cost Options

We explore less-familiar screen-reading programs—Brad Hodges and Lee Huffman

A Study of Factors Affecting Learning to Use a Computer by People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

We describe a small study on learning to use computers—Brad Hodges and Lee Huffman

A Passion for Technology and Helping Others: An Interview with Amy Ruell

We interview the president of the Visually Impaired and Blind Users Group in Boston, an advocate for technology and braille literacy—Deborah Kendrick

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