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AccessWorld Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

Product Evaluations and Guides

The Orbit Reader 20 by Orbit Research: a Review

by Deborah Kendrick

Orbit Research accepted the Transforming Braille Group's challenge to produce a braille display that could be sold for under $500, and the result is the Orbit Reader 20, a 20 cell refreshable braille display that the American Printing House for the Blind hopes to sell by the end of 2016. Recognizing that the product is still being perfected, I was eager to test drive the Orbit Reader and am just as eager to share my findings with AccessWorld readers.

Access to Employment

2016 Employment Resources for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

by Joe Strechay: Edited by Neva Fairchild

October ushers in National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and each year AccessWorld strives to bring you information to assist in your employment search. We hope the resources gathered for you here will prove useful to you.

Insider Tips for Getting the Most from Vocational Rehabilitation

by Lee Huffman and Joe Strechay

As our nation recognizes and celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month, this is a great opportunity to offer AccessWorld readers who are currently a client in their state's vocational rehabilitation (VR) program and who may be looking toward employment some tips or advice for gaining the most from their VR experience.

Employment Perspective: Rethinking the Purpose of Work

by Neva Fairchild

Employment gives us an opportunity to give back, to help others, to make a difference, to change the world, one tiny step at a time. For many of us, our job defines us.

Book Reviews

"It's off to Work We Go" with Bonnie Mosen: A Book Review

by Bill Holton

I think this book would have benefited immensely from a much deeper dive into LinkedIn. I also believe the book needed to include at least one more chapter building on the concept of a functional resume and offering specific advice tailored to the needs of the first-time vision-impaired job seeker. That said, "It's off to Work We Go" does offer considerable value in its unique prospective on Voc Rehab, along with a great deal of substantive information regarding evaluating and honing your job skills, preparing for the job interview, disability disclosure, and moving beyond obtaining a job into achieving long-term success in the workplace.

Access to Music Production

Making Music with iOS and Android Apps

by Janet Ingber and Jamie Pauls

AccessWorld contributing authors Janet Ingber and Jamie Pauls, both of whom are board certified music therapists and professional musicians were asked to collaborate on an article suggesting iOS apps for making music. Ingber and Pauls have put together a list of some of their favorite music-making apps, both for the professional and the amateur musician.

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