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AccessWorld Recognizes February as Low Vision Awareness Month and Encourages Seniors to Adopt Access Technology

Access Technology for Daily Living

A Day in the Life: Technology that Assists a Visually Impaired Person through the Day

by Bill Holton

In this article, you will discover technology solutions to life?s little challenges that you can use throughout your day, from the time you wake up until it?s time to say goodnight

Reading Remains Fundamental with the Help of NFB-Newsline

by Bill Holton

Even when experiencing vision loss, you can check out the latest local forecast and weather alerts, consult your TV listings, and even search for a great new job. It?s all made possible by the National Federation of the Blind?s free service, NFB-Newsline. This article describes how it works (even if you're an NFB-Newsline subscriber, you may want to read on for a new development in the iOS mobile app).

The AFB Center on Vision Loss: A Showcase of Accessibility and Independence in Daily Living

by Neva Fairchild

Dallas, Texas, is home to a must-see destination if you or someone you love has a visual impairment. The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Center on Vision Loss, promotes increased awareness, understanding, and knowledge, leading to hope, help, and increased independence for people with vision loss.

Home Appliance Access

An Overview Survey of Home Appliance Accessibility

by Aaron Preece and Neva Fairchild

It is time to once again explore home appliance accessibility. This article surveys some of the most common large appliances and provides an overview of the current state of accessibility. We reviewed washers and dryers, oven/range/cooktop combinations, dishwashers, and microwaves on offer at local big-box stores.

Access to Personal Finance

Accessible Personal Finance: Dollars and "Sense" for Blind and Low-Vision Seniors

by Bill Holton

The good news is that these days, with just a bit of technological knowhow, you can handle all but the most complex of your banking, retirement planning, portfolio management, and other personal finance tasks yourself.

Deaf-blind Access Technologies and Strategies

Out of Sight or Out of Sound: There Is Always a Way?Living with a Secondary Hearing Impairment

by Deborah Kendrick

Because AccessWorld regularly addresses the use of technology for those who are blind or have low vision, this article will look at the combined vision/hearing disability from the vantage point of someone who has little or no hearing and a secondary disability of impaired vision.

Android Apps Addressing Low Vision

Best Android Apps for People with Low Vision

by Shelly Brisbin

As accessible as your Android phone or tablet may be out of the box, there?s a whole world of apps available you can use to customize the way your device screen looks, increase your productivity, and even deploy the built-in camera to get a closer look at the world around you.

Access to Travel

Cruising as a Senior with a Visual Impairment: How to Get the Most Out of Your Adventure

by Jamie Pauls

Visual impairment is a factor that determines how many people, young and old, decide to explore the world. One method of travel that is accessible to both blind and sighted alike is taking a cruise. Your ship becomes your home for a time, and service is part of the experience.

Conference Coverage

Wrap-up Report from CES 2016

by Paul Schroeder and John Lilly

While attending CES, we tried to focus on technologies for home and health, which are major growth areas for the consumer technology industry. John also took a close look at various virtual and augmented reality lens- and head-mounted display technologies to see what kind of value these might offer to people with usable low vision

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