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CSUN 2016

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CSUN 2016 Conference Ushers in "The Year of Braille"

by Shelly Brisbin

It's common to hear braille advocates lament the demise of braille literacy, but if this year's International Technology and Persons with Disability Conference (CSUN) was any guide, braille is making a comeback, and users will soon have a number of new hardware options to choose from, in several price ranges.

Product Evaluations and Guides

The MLWordTips App from Lynette Tatum: Quick Keyboard Tips for Microsoft Word

by Jamie Pauls

I like the approach taken by the creators of this app. It serves as part quick reference guide and part tutorial. I don't find the $4.99 price to be unreasonable, since I would easily pay that for a braille quick reference booklet from other sources.

Book Reviews

A Review of My Mac Pages: A VoiceOver Guide to Word Processing, by Anne and Archie Robertson

by Bill Holton

To sum it up in a single sentence: If you work or plan to work with Pages with VoiceOver, you should definitely purchase this book.

Access to Gaming

Delight Games: A Review from the Blind Perspective

by Jamie Pauls

If you enjoy playing interactive fiction, but don't enjoy solving extremely hard puzzles at every turn, I would encourage you to play through the titles in the Delight Games series.


The Hiker and Tennille: Trevor Thomas on The Trail

by Deborah Kendrick

When Trevor Thomas lost his sight 10 years ago, he heard a lot about all the things he could no longer do. Most of those "can'ts" involved the activities he had loved best all his life. The fact that you can create your own possibilities is the theme of this inspiring article.

Sharing Knowledge: David Woodbridge Provides a Wealth of Technology Information to the Blind and Low Vision Community

by Janet Ingber

David Woodbridge's blog and podcasts are excellent resources for the blind and visually impaired, especially for users of Apple products. Give them a try; they are well worth the effort, and they're free!

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