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Pokemon GO: Elevating the Conversation around Accessible Gaming

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An Accessibility Review of the Fire TV with VoiceView from Amazon

by Bill Holton

If you own an Apple TV and wish you could also accessibly stream Prime Video on your home TV, the $40 cost of a Fire TV makes it an affordable option. The Fire TV VoiceView Preview is by no means a finished product. But it does most of what it needs to do to allow you to watch Prime Videos or accessibly purchase and play a movie or TV episode.

The Current State of ChromeVox Next (Beta), a Screen Reader for Chrome OS

by Aaron Preece

Some needed commands are not yet implemented and there are issues with some controls and applications in this beta version, but even in its current state, ChromeVox Next can enhance the Chromebook user experience for people with vision loss.

Low Vision Access Technology

Choose the Right Electronic Magnifier, Part 3: Handheld Magnifiers

by Shelly Brisbin and Lee Huffman

In this article, we'll focus on electronic magnifier products with the goal of helping you identify the features you need, and answering the question: given so many options, who needs a standalone electronic magnifier, anyway?


The Aware Audible Proximity Solution Navigation App: An Interview with Rasha Said, App Creator and Founder of Sensible Innovations

by Aaron Preece

The Aware app is a new indoor navigation solution from Sensible Innovations. To learn more about the app's development, I spoke with Rasha Said, the founder of Sensible Innovations and the mind behind the Aware app.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Getting Started with the iPhone and iOS 9: Step-by-Step Instruction for Blind Users, by Anna Dresner

by Deborah Kendrick

National Braille Press and Anna Dresner have, once again, produced a manual that many blind and low vision iOS device users will find indispensable as a guide for learning or refining their understanding of the iPhone and iOS 9. The book is wonderfully organized and blissfully clear.

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